Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Dim Sum Reunion at Man Fu Yuan!

Years ago, a few of us had a dim sum marathon of sorts when we were invited to join Cuisine & Wine Asia for a string of dim sum meals. So when Jackson sent an email for a reunion, this cow was moore than happy to go! :)

Our dim sum reunion was a mini one as not all could make it. Nonetheless it was fun to enjoy dim sum with the rest of the guys including Aromacookery and Camemberu! I was also very happy they selected Man Fu Yuan as I had tasty memoories of our dim sum meal there.

Beginning with the front most item in the above photo, the Glutinous Rice Dumpling, Traditional Style (aka Hum Sui Kok; $5.20 for 3 pieces) was one of my favourites during the first visit and while the shape has changed now, I am happy to report it is still delicious! Sadly, not many places serve this dim sum item anymore.

For a crispy, spicy treat, try the Chilli Crab Spring Roll ($6.80 for 3 pieces). It packs quite a bit of heat and when combined with the heat from being freshly-fried, it can be quite shiok. :p

I found the Crystal Dumpling with Pumpkin & Chicken ($5.20 for 3 pieces) to be nice with a gooey exterior and sweet pumpkin and minced chicken stuffing.

Fried Carrot Cake with Eggs & Beansprouts in XO Sauce ($18 per serving) featured soft carrot cake with a pleasant gentle flavour of radish, crunchy beansprouts and a fragrant XO sauce.

I also enjoyed the "Jing Quan" Dumpling ($6.80 for 3 pieces) with its meaty interior, rustic knobbly folds and piquant, spicy vinegar sauce. 

The Rice Roll with Barbequed Pork ($8.80 per serving) was unfortunately a little lacklustre with smooth rice rolls but lacking the roasted aroma and flavour from the char siew.

Oh should look towards the good...and the very good... the Shark's Cartilage Soup with Fish Maw ($28 per serving). This was another dish I remembered with fond memoories. Rich, milky, full of the goodness (and collagen! Hello tai tai!) of boiling shark's cartilage and other dried goodies like dried scallops. :) 

A perennial dim sum favourite, the Prawn Dumpling (aka Har Gao; $6.80 for 3 pieces) was pretty good too. Fresh tasting, succulent prawns wrapped in a skin that was a tad thick but still ok.

For an interesting version of the usual siew mai, opt for the Minced Pork Dumpling with Quail Egg ($6.80 for 3 pieces). The quail egg added an enjoyable touch which reminded me of many egg and meat combinations like in big pau and even curry puff.

Speaking of big pau, the Chef's Signature Big Bun ($6.80) can be a one-dish meal in itself! Check out the size of this giant by comparing it to the metal spoon next to the basket. Tear open the pau to reveal hidden goodies like roast pork, chestnut, duck, chicken and an egg.

Fish-lovers should try the Steamed Live Garoupa with Black Bean Sauce ($15 per 100g). A lovely black bean sauce that packed a savoury, salty punch beckoned for rice. This medium-sized fish of about 600g ensured that its flesh wasn't tough.

Look familiar? Yup, we enjoyed the Hum Sui Kok so much that we had second rounds! Moohehehe. Aromacookery missed this the last time so we had to "make up" for it. LOL.

Here's a peak inside the fried triangular ball. The filling of minced pork and chives was scrumptious! The exterior of chewy glutinous rice was fried to a golden brown and was a pleasure to bite into. 

Tired of the usual custard bun? Check out the Deep Fried Custard Bun ($12 for 6). Think of fried mantou (ala chilli crab) with a creamy, hot, savoury-sweet custard core. The steamed version was also good. 

Being the mooncake season, we had some too. LOL. I didn't quite like the thin pasty skin of both the snowskin variants here- Green Tea Paste with Dragonball Jasmine, and Mao Shan Wang, though the former had a nice green tea flavour while the latter had a power durian filling mixed with coconut cream for a luscious effect.  

And what's dim sum without tea? Dim sum lor. The aged pu-er (left) and their signature 5 elements tea (right) make good accompaniments to the dim sum.

It was another enjoyable session and I can't believe it's been 3 years! Thanks to Jackson of Cuisine & Wine Asia, and Rachel and Teresa of Intercontinental for hosting this hungry cow.

Man Fu Yuan
2nd Floor
Intercontinental Hotel
Tel: 6825 1062
Opens: 11.45am to 3.30pm; 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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