Saturday, August 11, 2012

Surprising Dad at Tung Lok Classics for his 60th Birthday!

3 days after mum's birthday comes dad's birthday. And this year, it is his big 60th! Huat ah.

So....time for another birthday surprise! Moohehe.

That time JB, now (no, not Batam lah!) Tung Lok Classics at Chinese Swimming Club after a good makankakis dinner there quite some time ago. A small section of the restaurant was partitioned off for our 5 tables of relatives, friends, neighbours and dad's long time buddies.

Usually celebrating birthdays within our family of four, the birthday boy of course did not suspect anything. LOL. He thought he was going with mum to just meet sis and I at the restaurant for dinner.

The look on his face when he opened the door and saw all that people in there is deeply etched in my memory. My dad is not the smiley kind of person. His "natural" face colour is black but that night, he was beaming the whole time....even until we got home and were watching TV. It was a very, very happy, satisfied feeling in me seeing my dad this happy. :D

Anyway, on to dinner! We opted for a fixed set menu and added in one of dad's favourites.

Roast Suckling Pig! This was excellent- crisp, flavourful skin with just a wee bit of fat under the skin.

Next was the Simmered Shark's Fin with Fish Maw Bisque & Crab Meat. I wasn't a fan of this but something warm was comforting to the tummy.

The Steamed Live Prawns with Egg White & Minced Garlic Sauce were pretty good. The medium-sized prawns were halved and steamed simply with garlic, soy sauce and a dash of cooking wine. Below them was a layer of soft steamed egg that glided down the throat with ease.

I really liked the Steamed Pating Fish with Minced Ginger & Spring Onions! The flesh was fresh, a bit fatty and the minced ginger complemented it very well. D-licious!

The Roast Sakura Chicken with Salt & Pepper was alright and decent but I think the pating fish won my heart.

At this point, our piggy friend from course number 1 showed up again. This time, all chopped up and without much skin. We da bao-ed some of this and made porridge the next day! Moohehe.

Course number...wait ah. *Scrolls up*

...7 was the Braised Homemade Beancurd & Snow Fungus Topped with Conpoy Crisps. I enjoyed the comforting dish of tofu and mushrooms in a tasty gravy. Best eaten with rice.

Speaking of rice, the Yuan Yang Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat was yummily infused with the fragrance of waxed meat. If one isn't full at this stage, this would be the perfect anchor.

Chilled Dessert with Snow Lotus and Sun-Dried Tomato turned out to be a refreshing dessert with the interesting addition of sun-dried tomato that gave it a tangy note.

The feast ended with Tung Lok's signature test tube juice! Can't remember when was the last time I held a test tube already. Moohehe. #byebyelabdays

I was really happy with the whole dinner and the food overall was very good! :)

Blessed 60th Birthday, Pa! You are blessed with Jesus' favour and love. May you be like a tree planted by the river, whose leaf does not wither. Whatever you do prospers.

Tung Lok Classics
Chinese Swimming Club (other branch at Orchard Parade Hotel)
21 Amber Road
Tel: 6345 0111
Opens: Monday to Saturday 11.30am-3pm; 6pm-10.30pm
            Sunday & P.H.          10am-3pm; 6pm-10.30pm

Chew On This: From Mondays to Fridays, they serve up an unlimited dim sum option at $24.80++ per pax for lunch!

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