Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally Something...

Much has been said about Joo Chiat's seedy street and burgeoning Vietnamese community. Hearing quite a few raves about the Vietnamese food (in particular the pho) there, I decided to take a bit of a pho trail. 

The first visit stop was forgettable. The broth was wayyyyy too sweet for me to remember anything else.    

Thankfully, the second shop I checked out on another visit turned out to be mooch mooch better! The Pho Bo (Beef Noodles; $5.50) was a comforting bowl of skinny kway teow in a light beefy broth with a light herb accent and thinly sliced onions. A raw veggie plate with bean sprouts and basil accompanied the pho. Two types of beef were served- sliced and braised brisket (good beefy flavour!). I like the fact that no tenderisers were used so the beef was a bit tougher but without the artificially tender/soft texture I find a turnoff. :) 

For something spicier, try the Bun Pho Hue (Vietnam Soup Noodle; $5.50). The soup was more intensely flavoured yet with a nice balance. The ingredients were similar to the Pho Bo with the exception of the sliced sausage-like discs. Seems like some sort of chicken and green peppercorn sausage that was springy and tasted great with the soup!

To cool off, the metal mug of Iced Tea ($1) was pefect- a light brew of green tea, hardly sweetened and with gentle tanins (siap siap-ness).  

I will return to check out the other Vietnamese eateries along Joo Chiat the next round and if nothing works, at least I know I still have Quan An Vietnam Eatery.
Quan An Vietnam Eatery
233 Joo Chiat Road
Opens: 11am to 2am 
Tel: 6348 1208

Chew On This:  
..for a refreshing, healthy dessert if jambu is your kind of fruit!


Camemberu said...

Bo jio! I also want to try the pho at Joo Chiat, but they didn't like my camera! Nearly chased me away! lol

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Sensitive area you know. Moohaha. I use a small camera. :p