Saturday, July 21, 2012

Red Tortoise Cakes

Oh Ang Ku Kueh lah! Moohaha. That's why I think these ethnic food names should not be changed or translated. With Singapore being such a young country, ethnic food names form an integral part of our culture. I say let Putu Mayam be Putu Mayam! :p

The Ang Ku Kuehs (60 cents each) from Ji Xiang Confectionery had a lovely soft chewy skin flavoured with pandan, and a sweet green bean paste filling. Such a simple and enjoyable snack. I do hope it survives through the generations.

Ji Xiang Confectionery
Block 1 Everton Park 
Tel: 6223 1631
Opens: Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm
Closes: Sunday & P.H.

Chew On This:  They have other Ang Ku Kueh fillings of peanut, yam, coconut and even durian!

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