Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lure of Cheapness

Sometimes, cheapness works. It was post-dinner anyway and we were walking around I12 Katong for a place to have drinks. Then from 5m away I saw the sign "Happy Hours". Upon inspecting the menu, the phrases "1-for-1 beers", "50% off snacks" and "1-for-1 mains" ushered us right into The Cartel Bistro. Damn that waiter. Moohahaha.
I'm such a slut for cheap beer. :p The pint of Kronenberg Blanc ($10.70) works out to be just $6.25 after 1-for-1! A light, refreshing beer bursting with pomelo and grapfruit notes.

The Chicken Wings Basket ($4.32 after 50% discount) was well-fried. Pity the marinate didn't really flavour the meat enough.

A smart moove by the bistro- to qualify for 1-for-1 mains, one has to add $3.90 to the mains to get a "set" comprising of:

A bowl of soup (it was Cream of Chicken that evening) and garlic bread.

The set also comes with coffee or tea.

Below are the 1-for-1 mains we tried.

Hawaiian Pork Chop (U.P. $18.50) was a very generous portion of 3 bone-in pork cutlets with what seemed like a mushroom brown sauce and pineapple slices. Again, the flavour department lacked heaps. It was under-salted, with little flavour.

The Mississippi Chicken (U.P. $16.50)- crispy fried chicken with some sauce on it, served with fries and salad.

I found the food to be not really good here but it has a nice al fresco porch and cheap beer, making it a cosy chill out spot as long as this is not dinner. LOL. Service was pretty good though!

If you're keen to try them, please call the bistro to enquire regarding the promos mentioned here.

A happy Friday night memoory! :D Sometimes all I need are cheap chilled beers and a nice chillax place.
The Cartel Bistro
I12 Katong
Tel: 6636 3327

Chew On This:
The soup comes on a metal stand that elevates the bowl up a bit so one won't have to bend too low to slurp up soup.

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