Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Makankakis @ Yu Cuisine

Last month, one day before moo birthday, I was surprised when a few makankakis "ambushed" me with a birthday song. It was apparently planned by a few but spontaneously happened when a friend, clearly happy with wines, started singing the song. Moohaha.

Anyway, many thanks guy! It was a great dinner.

Here's what we ate:

 A starter of Roast Pork Belly & Octopus Fashion. The roast pork belly was meaty and more on the lean side....so I guess one can eat a bit more of it and not feel guilty. LOL.

I don't know much about octopus fashion (apa itu?) but the squid rings were served chilled and cooked perfectly.

Soup-loving me was happy to see the next dish- Shanghai Dumpling in Lobster Bisque. It wasn't the ang moh style lobster bisque. More like a milky broth with a gentle lobster/crustacean flavour. Still it was enjoyable with the pork-filled dumpling, stalk of chye sim and slice of lobster.

Deep Fried Nilotica with Lemongrass and Cashew Nuts. Nicely fried tilapia fillet on a nest of fried aromatics- lemongrass, curry leaves, green peppercorn, red chili. Spicy, salty and very flavourful!

Then the Signature Smoked Imperial Chicken arrived. Succulent with just a hint of smokiness. A sweet note in the background. Chinese rose essence wine maybe?

Chili Crab Claw in Golden Bowl. If eating crab was always so convenient ala drumstick, I think I might just love eating it more. Moohehe. This large pincer was de-shelled and the sauce was nicely spicy and just a bit sweet. The best part? Even the "bowl" can be eaten! LOL.

Twin Kai Lan- a duo of blanched kai lan and deep fried shreds of kai lan leaves. Simple and good.

To anchor dinner, the Steamed Fragrant Rice with Prawns in Lotus Leaf made its appearance. I found both the rice and the prawn to be a tad dry else this was pretty tasty.

The first dessert we had was Signature Hot Chin Chow Broth. It's interesting as this dessert is more commonly served chilled. But don't wait too long before you eat as the "soupy" nature of this version starts to gelify after a while!

A warm and sweet ending to a very good meal!

.....and yes, I had a slice of birthday cake. :)

The vino I brought- a 12-year-old Greek red and an Italian Limoncello. The former was so s-moo-th it disappeared before I even knew it! Moohaha.

Thanks to TTC for organising!

Yu Cuisine
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7318
Opens: 11am-11pm daily

Chew On This: Check out their cocktails containing Chinese tea like Tie Guan Yin and Pu-Er at their champagne bar on #01-82!


Sim yee siang said...

OMG! The crab pincer looks soooo good!... the chin chow is pretty interesting..

The Hungry Cow said...

Al Sim: Go try them! Yea, it was like mind tricks with the hot chin chow. :D