Friday, May 11, 2012

Erdinger's Inaugural Maifest in Asia!

Maifest is celebrated in Germany to welcome Spring and with the party is beer, food, singing, dancing and merry-making. Not like we have Spring in Singapore but hey who needs a reason to have fun?

Talking about fun, party-goers were clapping, singing and even dancing on the benches and tables! Ois Easy, the band who provided the night's entertainment, was specially flown in from Germany and worked the crowd nicely.

Check out the tasty food that were all great with beer! Spicy fried chicken, kebabs, caesar salad, potato salad, flat bread and sausage! I is love S-A-U-S-A-G-E. Moohahaha.

And beer! Of course, Erdinger's wheat beer, to be more specific. The Weissbier is a godsend in this humid weather. The Dunkel is a good option to switch to into the night especially with the SAUSAGE! LOL.  

Big thanks to the Erdinger girls who plied us with refreshingly chilled beers.

Cheers to Erdinger and Word of Mouth Communications for hosting this cow. It was a great Friday. Let's hope Maifest returns next year!

4th to 5th May 2012
Clarke Quay

Chew On This: Just for Maifest, Erdinger's Pikantus, a dark bock beer, was made available for sampling. At 7.3% alcohol, it was surprisingly smooth. Dangerously smooth even. ;)  

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