Saturday, May 26, 2012

To Boat or Not To Boat- That is the Spizza Question

After 2 weeks of reservist training, the question in my head was how can each lunch/dinner per head cost $10? It is puzzling. I mean chap cai peng with 2 meats, 1 veg, 1 more side dish and a small bowl of soup and a fruit or ice cream can't possibly be $10, right? 

But before this cow rushes off to the nearest chap cai peng stall to see what $10 can buy, I have another part amoosing part scary experience to share.

I had dinner one Friday evening at Spizza's new outlet along East Coast Road. A friend had recommended me to try their boat-shaped gondola pizzas. After ordering and informing the wait staff of my gondola request, I was informed that my pizza could not be done gondola-style. When I pointed out to the menu which stated: 

The waiter then told me he could make my pizza into a gondola....but he would not advise doing it as "the seafood might not be cooked thoroughly which would not be good for the stomach". How odd and assuring.
Not wanting to faint from hunger and shock, I screwed the boat or no boat option and decided on the normal-shaped pizza. The Sofia ($23 for large), dotted with shrimps, scallops, mussels and calarami, was pretty good. 

The condiments that were available included Parmesan cheese, chili flakes, chili oil, Tabasco and a very aromatic olive oil. Love how the olive oil added a glossy coat of flavour to the pizza! :D

The Pollo- Crispy Chicken Wings ($9 for 6) were decent and served pipping hot. Always good to share at the table. Pity the arrabiata sauce didn't have much of a spicy kick. Guess that's where the Tabasco comes in handy. 

I like the casual feel of the place. Reasonably good pizzas at reasonably good prices. Can't say the same about the cookhouse food in army camps!

#01-01 Tides
217 East Coast Road (various other branches)
Tel: 6440 8300

Chew On This:
Lunch specials!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

MOOther's Day Dinner

For Moother's Day, family decided to head to somewhere with good crabs (mum loves crabs) and a near-by home location. We ended up at House of Seafood @180 which I first blogged about here and being a rather big place, it felt spacious and not too crowded. Nice! 

To start the meal, we had a bowl of Seafood Fish Maw Soup ($15). Nothing like a hot bowl of soup to start the meal off though this soup itself was just okay.  

The Chilli Crab ($75 for the above) was pretty good. I like that the gravy was not too sweet and in fact had a good chili kick! The crab was meaty and fresh too.

Since it was Moother's Day, we decided to have lobster too. Moohehe. The Rainbow Lobster ($110) was sliced and served as sashimi. Very firm, sweet slivers to lobster. Yums! For those not into sashimi, they also serve a pot of stock steamboat-style for you to dunk your lobster slices. This was also a very good way to enjoy the natural flavours of the crustacean. Pity about the presentation...

The rest of the lobster head was used in a noodle dish ($10). Very delicate savoury flavours of both the lobster and Chinese chives.

A simple Stir-Fried Nai Bai ($12) were the evening's greens.

Then we saw the neighbouring table ordering this. Greedily Curious about it, we ordered some too. LOL. The Pork Ribs with Honey Sauce ($6.50) were scrumptious! Tender, meaty, sweet with a deep, roasted savoury flavour. Now I wish there was a bak kut teh stall with pork ribs this size! :p

Happy Moother's Day to all mums out there! Your sacrifice and love go beyond words.

House of Seafood @180
30 Cosford Road (Changi Prison area; other branches at 180 Yio Chu Kang Road & 36 Yio Chu Kang Road)
Tel: 6746 9000

Chew On This: 
For those who wish to BYO, corkage is $10 per bottle. We had a lovely Perrier Joulet Champagne. This with lobster sashimi is perfect!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Join in the (Food) Revolution!

Increasing obesity, diabetes and other health conditions can be attributed to today's modern world diet. Faster and more convenient are not always equal to better.

Processed foods often contain lots of preservatives, chemicals and other bad stuff. I personally feel that consumers should be educated to read the labels and make informed decisions. Knowing what goes into YOUR food affects YOUR live!

This year, a group of foodies are organising the first-ever Food Revolution in Singapore! This is in conjunction with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution push for the education of what goes into one's food and how simple it is to prepare and cook healthy and tasty meals.

Believing in the cause, this Hungry Cow is happy to support this event. :)

Come on down and learn to prepare simple, healthy dishes from His Food Blog and Cookyn Inc, and food photography tips from Kelvin Yong. Enjoy entertainment provided by Shawn Lee, Asia's number one beatboxer, and Acoustic Saturday, and of course the company of foodies and food bloggers.


Food Revolution
19 May 2012
The Lawn, Biopolis Way

Chew On This: One hundred percent of Food Revolution Day net funds raised from the event will go towards supporting food eduction projects through Jamie Olive Foundation in the US, UK and Australia.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Erdinger's Inaugural Maifest in Asia!

Maifest is celebrated in Germany to welcome Spring and with the party is beer, food, singing, dancing and merry-making. Not like we have Spring in Singapore but hey who needs a reason to have fun?

Talking about fun, party-goers were clapping, singing and even dancing on the benches and tables! Ois Easy, the band who provided the night's entertainment, was specially flown in from Germany and worked the crowd nicely.

Check out the tasty food that were all great with beer! Spicy fried chicken, kebabs, caesar salad, potato salad, flat bread and sausage! I is love S-A-U-S-A-G-E. Moohahaha.

And beer! Of course, Erdinger's wheat beer, to be more specific. The Weissbier is a godsend in this humid weather. The Dunkel is a good option to switch to into the night especially with the SAUSAGE! LOL.  

Big thanks to the Erdinger girls who plied us with refreshingly chilled beers.

Cheers to Erdinger and Word of Mouth Communications for hosting this cow. It was a great Friday. Let's hope Maifest returns next year!

4th to 5th May 2012
Clarke Quay

Chew On This: Just for Maifest, Erdinger's Pikantus, a dark bock beer, was made available for sampling. At 7.3% alcohol, it was surprisingly smooth. Dangerously smooth even. ;)  

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Makankakis @ Yu Cuisine

Last month, one day before moo birthday, I was surprised when a few makankakis "ambushed" me with a birthday song. It was apparently planned by a few but spontaneously happened when a friend, clearly happy with wines, started singing the song. Moohaha.

Anyway, many thanks guy! It was a great dinner.

Here's what we ate:

 A starter of Roast Pork Belly & Octopus Fashion. The roast pork belly was meaty and more on the lean I guess one can eat a bit more of it and not feel guilty. LOL.

I don't know much about octopus fashion (apa itu?) but the squid rings were served chilled and cooked perfectly.

Soup-loving me was happy to see the next dish- Shanghai Dumpling in Lobster Bisque. It wasn't the ang moh style lobster bisque. More like a milky broth with a gentle lobster/crustacean flavour. Still it was enjoyable with the pork-filled dumpling, stalk of chye sim and slice of lobster.

Deep Fried Nilotica with Lemongrass and Cashew Nuts. Nicely fried tilapia fillet on a nest of fried aromatics- lemongrass, curry leaves, green peppercorn, red chili. Spicy, salty and very flavourful!

Then the Signature Smoked Imperial Chicken arrived. Succulent with just a hint of smokiness. A sweet note in the background. Chinese rose essence wine maybe?

Chili Crab Claw in Golden Bowl. If eating crab was always so convenient ala drumstick, I think I might just love eating it more. Moohehe. This large pincer was de-shelled and the sauce was nicely spicy and just a bit sweet. The best part? Even the "bowl" can be eaten! LOL.

Twin Kai Lan- a duo of blanched kai lan and deep fried shreds of kai lan leaves. Simple and good.

To anchor dinner, the Steamed Fragrant Rice with Prawns in Lotus Leaf made its appearance. I found both the rice and the prawn to be a tad dry else this was pretty tasty.

The first dessert we had was Signature Hot Chin Chow Broth. It's interesting as this dessert is more commonly served chilled. But don't wait too long before you eat as the "soupy" nature of this version starts to gelify after a while!

A warm and sweet ending to a very good meal!

.....and yes, I had a slice of birthday cake. :)

The vino I brought- a 12-year-old Greek red and an Italian Limoncello. The former was so s-moo-th it disappeared before I even knew it! Moohaha.

Thanks to TTC for organising!

Yu Cuisine
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7318
Opens: 11am-11pm daily

Chew On This: Check out their cocktails containing Chinese tea like Tie Guan Yin and Pu-Er at their champagne bar on #01-82!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Peking Duck Bliss

Instead of lazying in bed on a Saturday moo-rning, I pulled myself up, washed up, got dressed and made my way to Paradise Pavilion for a Peking duck lunch with friends. So proud of myself. LOL.

And it was without any regrets! See the chef roasting the ducks in a specially-built oven. Apparently everything (including the apple wood) were brought in from Beijing.

I had a good moo-mery of a yummy peking duck here when I first visited it 2 years ago with the 938LIVE foodies. This time it was as good.

I could fantasize of a corset made of these super crisp, smokey duck skin. Yum.

The Peking Duck here ($88 for a whole duck) was served with meat compared to the Cantonese-style where only the skin is wrapped and eaten. Dab a little sugar and the sauce, add spring onions and wrap with the flour crepe. Pretty tender meat and lovely smokey skin. :D

Besides duck, we also tried a few dim sum items.

The Century Egg & Pork Porridge was such smooth comfort.

Instead of the usual siew mai, we opted for the Siew Mai Skewers ($5.80). Meaty, juicy and with a nice grilled flavour. This with beer on a Friday would be dangerous! Moohahaha.

Cheong Fun with Deep Fried Veg Spring Roll ($5.80) was another interesting choice that turned out well. Imagine the vegetal sweetness of radish and mushrooms with a crisp skin further wrapped with smooth, slightly chewy sheet of cheong fun. Nice flavours and textures.

Rice Roll with Fresh Shrimp Filling ($6.30) was also a good eat. I love this classic combination.

Steamed Custard Buns ($5.50) would have been better with salted egg yolk. Bite with caution. Filling is hot. Hey, sounds quite like McDonalds! LOL.

Their Steamed Prawn Dumpling "Har Kau" ($5.60) was more than decent. Very fresh filling and a slightly thick chewy skin.

Fried Carrot Cake in XO Sauce ($8.80) featured soft cubes of carrot cake stir-fried with beansprouts, garlic, egg, XO sauce and I'm guessing a bit of fish sauce. Tasty!

Because we are Chinese, we decided to end the pre-dessert meal with a carb dish. Moohehe. Here's the Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Japanese Scallop in XO Sauce ($26). The noodles were a little too soft for me. Maybe some black vinegar would perk up the dish. :p

Ok, then it was time for desserts. Some at the table were full enough while others wanted something sweet. Yours truly ordered a rather un-dessert-like item to end my meal...

Ta-da! The Daily Double Boiled Soup ($10/pax) was very good. Moohaha. On that visit, it was snakehead and pear soup. The soup was intensely flavoured, clear and balanced. An excellent end to a nice Saturday lunch with foodie friends. :)

Prices are a bit on the steep side but it nonetheless an enjoyable meal with relatively good quality and ambience.

Paradise Pavilion
Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel: 6509 9308
Opens: Monday to Friday: 11.30am-3pm; 6pm-11pm
           Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 11am-4pm; 6pm-11pm

Chew On This:

Paradise Pavilion has very nicely done up private rooms. Very modern Chinese elegance. But booking any of these has a steep per head fee on top of the F&B bill. Call to enquire. I guess the big banks across the road would like these rooms for entertaining clients etc.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

"Maude Road" Beef Noodles Now at Bendemeer Market!

After a call from my cousin, I found out that my favourite Maude Road beef noodles stall has shifted to my childhood market- Bendemeer Market! Awesome. Aiyah but I'm no longer staying in that area though. Lol.

Here's the dry version at $3. Still as beefy and yummy! :)

Happy beef noodling y'all!

Toa Payoh Hwa Heng Beef Noodle
Bendemeer Market Food Centre
Blk 29 Bendemeer Road
Opens: Wednesday to Friday 10am-5.30pm
            Saturday & Sunday    10am-2.30pm
Closes: Monday & Tuesday

Chew On This: Check out my first post here on this stall while they were still at Maude Road.