Monday, April 09, 2012

MEDZS Opens at Millenia Walk!

With their first outlet at the basement of the rather quiet Orchard Central, MEDZS might go unnoticed by many....which is a pity as the casual Meditteranean themed restaurant is spacious and pretty chill out.

MEDZS has recently opened its second outlet at Millenia Walk. This 250-seater boasts mainstay items as well as new dishes. I hear some at a slightly higher price point than the Orchard Central outlet but there is still no service charge here. Only GST.

The Escargo Aioli ($16) came with a very rich, creamy, garlicky sauce. You won't taste the escargo but you'll probably be licking the pick. Moohehe.

Fried potatoes are always a good thing and the Rosti with Cured Salmon ($10) here works. This dish calls for beer (yay!)....we will come to that in a bit.

For meat-on-a-bone lovers, try the Lamb Shank ($21.90). It was meaty and substantial. Though I found the flavour of lamb to be a tad on the strong side and perhaps it could have been stewed longer, it was decent overall. The mashed potatoes were yummy!

Seafood lovers can opt for the Kakavia ($18.90). While I usually prefer my seafood with lighter seasonings (think Teochew steamed fish), I like the saffron cream sauce that smothered the mussels and salmon pieces. The fish was cooked remarkably well, being moist and tender.

Unfortunately the Octopus Paella ($14.90) didn't appeal to me much. It was underseasoned and lacked taste dimensions. Perhaps an oversight by the chef.

What I moo-ch prefer was the Pork Belly ($13.90). Streaked with a bit of fat, it was unctious and flavourful in its own jus.

The last savoury dish we got to sample was the Cyprio Pork & Coriander Burger ($15). A pretty juicy pork patty with the citrusy accents from the coriander.

For dessert, I recommend going for the Baklava Ice Cream ($6.80). The flaky layers of filo pastry were fragrant and sweet. Chopped pistachios gave added texture. All one needs with this is a good strong cup of tea!

The other dessert we tried was the Lychee Rose Panna Cotta ($5.50) which was perfumed and sweet.

Now we come to my favourite part. LOL.

Some people's idea of heaven might just be this. Kee chiew! Moohahaha.

MEDZS has an attached bar called 5% Bar (which I guess is the average alcoholic strength of a beer) with over 100 labels of premum and craft beers! Woohoo!

The Benediktiner ($14), a wheat beer from Germany, is a good way to start any evening. It is absolutely refreshing!

As the evening progressed, so moo-st the beers. Try the Hobgoblin ($18)- a delicious creamy beer from England with toasted, coffee flavours.

Then we hit the Hobgoblin's abang- the King Goblin ($22) for an epic finish. Full-bodied yet smooth and rich, this 500ml bottled beer is a perfect (and very happy) way to end a night. :)))

Without wanting to risk sounding like an old TV advertisement....But wait, there's more!

Sensing that we still had space for some nibbles, Chef Mus Anesrif brought out some moo-re food! Moohehe.

Lamb Sausage Pizza!

Fries & Wedges with Curry Mayo!

Pork Belly & Prawns!

I don't think these were even actually on the regular menu. Nonetheless, they were all really nice with the beers. Thanks, Chef Mus!

Thanks to MEDZS and Racheal of Brand Cellars for the invite and for hosting this two-legged beer-loving wagyu cow.

Millenia Walk
Tel: 6337 7507
Opens: Fridays to Saturdays 11.30am-1am
Sundays to Thursdays 11.30am-12am

Chew On This: Now and get 25% off your total bill until end of April! Citibank cardholders get the same discount even after April. Sweet!


epiNosh said...

I gotta try the fries dip! Curry mayo sounds good...heh.

The Hungry Cow said...

epiNosh: Hope you like it. Congrats on your birth! :D

Wini said...

are the food Halal?