Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ex-Mee Pok Auntie's New Stall

How does one find places to eat at? Following reviews, queues, recommendations from friends/blogs, using one's nose (pretty effective) and anyhow hantam are probably some methods most people use.

In this one particular case, my dad bumped into an auntie who used to work at a mee pok stall we used to frequent and upon recognising him, she asked him to bring the family to her new work place- a stall in People's Park Complex. Singapore is very small no? Always be nice to mee pok aunties. LOL.

Ahem. So anyway instead of cooking dinner at home, we checked out this stall one Sunday evening.

The Chicken with Red Yeast Sauce ($5) was yummy! Succulent, smooth pieces of chicken thigh sat in a claypot of fragrant, sweet red yeast gravy. They apparently ferment their own red yeast here. Heard red yeast is good for the heart but what I can confirm is that it is delicious when spooned over rice. :p

Fried eggs are always good to eat. The Prawn Omelette ($5) here were tasty with a nice puffy, fried edge though a tad oily. Eat moo-re red yeast! Moohehe.

My favourite dish of that dinner was this Stir Fried Fish Head with Salted Fish ($12). Chunks of fish head pieces deep fried and then stir fried with onions, garlic, chilli, tau cheo and bits of salted fish. It was packed with smokey, savoury and a touch of spicy flavours! Very VERY good with rice.

Fans of liver might want to try the Ginger Onion Pig Liver ($5). The scent of sizzling ginger, sesame oil and spring onions assaulted my sense of smell with aromatic intensity. I do not take liver (foie gras is a different thing. LOL) so passed on this but mum seems quite happy. She said best to eat this quick when it is still pinkish. Wait too long and it will be overcooked by the residual heat in the pot. #wordsofwisdom

The Hakka Style Mixed Vegetables ($5) was ok but I felt it could do with moo-re depth. After eating the Stir Fried Fish Head with Salted Fish, this was rather bland.

Will. Return. For. Fish. Head. With. Salted. Fish.

Bao Bao Bao
People's Park Complex Food Centre
Opens: 11am to 9pm
Closed: Mondays

Chew On This: For the first time in the history of this blog, I present to you a video in full HD showing that humans aren't the only ones who enjoy fishballs. Moohahaha!

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