Friday, April 27, 2012

Erdinger Shares The Art of Pouring

Now moost people think that pouring beer from a bottle into a glass is simple. Well it is...but there is actually an art to it.

Watch as Oliver Helbig, Asia Pacific Representative for Erdinger Weissbier, demonstrates the art of pouring the perfect Erdinger beer.

1) Rinse the glass with iced water to remove any residues/impurities.
2) Hold the glass slightly at a slant.
3) Slowly pour in the beer down the side of the glass until about 1 inch of beer remains in the bottle.
4) Gently swirl the bottle to mix the remaining beer with the yeast at the bottom.
5) Pour remaining beer into glass.
6) Enjoy. :) 

It is a simple but important tip to get the yeast out of the bottle and into the glass for the best flavour and enjoyment. Erdinger uses the top fermentation process and fresh yeast is added to each bottle before the beer is matured for 3-4 weeks in their controlled warehouse.

In accordance to the Purity Law, Erdinger is made using hops, malt, yeast and water (drawn from their own deep springs!).

Then it was time for moo to try my hoof at pouring.

Here's my first attempt! Not too bad I suppose. I love the Erdinger Dunkel for its creamy, rich flavour. Yums.

I also got a chance to pull an Erdinger Weissbier from the tap. They even had a chart showing the various markings. Woe to whoever obtains a "bad" score! Moohaha.

Some yummy morsels to go with the beers. :D

The event was hosted at Switch- a new live music venue by the Timbre group featuring both English and Mandarin tunes.  

Oh and since Oktoberfest is still a long way, do check out Maifest happening 4 & 5 May, 7pm-11pm at Clarke Quay! Free admission and sampling of Erdinger Pikantus- a dark bock beer specially brought in for Maifest!  

Thanks to Erdinger and Word of Mouth Communications for the invitation.

Chew On This: Stand to win one of 5 pairs of all-expense paid trips to the home of Erdinger- Erdig, Germany! The Art of Erdinger contest is open to all and runs from 1 May to 31 July 2012. All you need to do is purchase $25 worth of Erdinger in a single receipt and submit your best piece of art depicting yourself with Erdinger. Moore details here.

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