Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blessed Birthday, Hungry Cow!

Ok, it's the time of the year when there's a sudden flurry of well wishes via Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp and now Twitter! It's moo birthday lah. Moohahaha.

This blog (not the blogger) turns SIX!

I decided to cook for the family. Nothing like a meal made with love for the people you love. :) But hor, a lot of people find it strange that the birthday boy is doing the cooking. LOL.

I had visions of this earlier in the day. Powerful memory snapshots of a slab of meat sizzling away on a griddle.

So I headed to Mmmm! at the nearby Changi City Point and got some US Berkshire aka Kurobuta Pork Collar....

...and of course some beef- Australian Wagyu Striploin Marbling 5. This one was from Margaret River which was special because we visited there 2 years ago.

After some tender loving care on the cast iron griddle, the pork was awesoommmmme! Cooked to medium doneness with a slight pink in the middle, the flavours were clean and rich. Very juicy! Almoost made me start a new blog called The Hungry Pig.

The striploin on the other hand was good- had a nice chew with rounded flavours but I have to admit. That slab of pig won hooves down.

Opting for a fuss-free meal due to time constraints (yes, cooking after a full work day can be challenging), I put together a dinner plate containing a piece of the pork and beef, mixed salad with balsamic vinegar, grilled abalone mushrooms (hiding behind the salad mound) and boiled red-skinned potatoes tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley. All I needed was a pot and a griddle pan. Yay!

With the tasty meats, we had a bottle of Palitalia Barolo DOCG 2004 ($168 from the hungry cow). Yes, it's a little known fact but I do sell wines on the side. Moohehe. Let me know if anyone is keen okie? :)

The Barolo is said to be the king of Italian wines and this particular one has an intense aroma of cherries, plums and a floral note. On the palate, it is rich, full and smooth with a nice mineral structure and finish. Definitely a good wine with steaks and grilled Kurobuta pork! Drinking nicely now but I reckon it will also keep nicely for another 8-10 years.

My birthday cake came in the form of a key lime pie lovingly made by moo sister. I cook, she bakes, we all eat. Moohehe.

I want to take this chance to count moo blessings and be grateful for what has been given to me.

A big hello and thank you to all who have sent their best wishes! I'm truly blessed to have lovely family, friends and mystery ninja supporters. Moohahahha. Thanks for sharing this moo-ment with me and for your company in this journey called life. :)

Chew On This: Cos life should be celebrated.


Camemberu said...

Looks like a birthday and bloggiversary well celebrated! I must get me some of that Kurobuta pork too...Changi City Point, you say? Hmmm!

FoodieFC said...

Happy Birthday! The food looks good

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Thanks! It was! Moohehe. Yes, you must get some of that Kurobuta. :D

FoodieFC: Thank you! :)

Food Pic Lover said...

Pork medium rare, how does it taste?

Anyway a question to ask, are you a wine distributor??

The Hungry Cow said...

Food Pic Lover: I did the pork medium. Very juicy and nice for this one. Yep, I am a freelance wine sales rep. Let me know if you are looking for wines? :)