Saturday, March 03, 2012

Jane Thai in da East!

Fans of Jane Thai who are turned off by the Orchard Towers location (moohahahha. *ahem*), now have a reason to celebrate. Being a proud eastie myself, I am happy to share that they are now in the east!

WE ROCK. Speaking of rock, I've been with my FIJI Water Rockstar Chefs the past few months and I am happy beyond the tiredness. :) Ah but that is perhaps another story for another time...

...Because the Beef Basil Set with Egg ($6) rocked with its simple, pronounced flavours of garlic, basil, chili, oyster/fish sauce and beef.

Also awesome with rice was the Green Curry Chicken ($10). I like its creaminess and gentle herb tones.

Kang Kong with Bean Paste ($6) might not sound like a rock band but its crunchiness and that explosion of garlic, bean paste and chili from dancing on a hot wok rocks.

Want the crunch but a lighter taste? Check out the Papaya Salad ($6)- refreshing, tangy and spicy.

I found the Seafood Phad Thai ($5) tasty with a rather appealing depth from fish sauce. The noodles seemed thinner than most and had a nice chew. Would have been awesome-r if the seafood portion were more generous.

Mooving on to desserts, Red Ruby ($3) was an icy treat. And hey. I think the red beads of crunchy chestnuts coated with a gummy shell brought to mind the pearls in bubble tea....but with the refreshing chestnut filling.

Carb-fiends should not miss the Tapioca with Coconut Cream ($3)! Made me moo with its starchy inner texture coated with a pleasant gooeyness. Not too sweet and with just a good amount of coconut cream to add fragrance and creaminess.

Yummy and affordable Thai food in the east. I like!

Jane Thai
314 Bedok Road
Bedok Shopping Complex (aka Simpang Bedok)
Tel: 6449 9201

Chew On This:
This, moo friends, might look like an ordinary cup of water. But it is delicious! Flavoured with pandan- a nice touch... and it's complimentary. Here there's no GST nor service charge too. Rockz!


dropshot said...

Is this a branch, or has their Orchard stall closed?

The Hungry Cow said...

dropshot: This is a branch. I think their Orchard Towers outlet is still open. :)