Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Rustic & Delicious Thai Food

We were like little elves dropping off pressies and made a pit stop for lunch. Being at Golden Mile aka "Little Thailand", Thai food was quite the obvious choice and what a satisfying Thai lunch we had!

The Black Olive Rice ($5) had lovely salty bits that were almost like chai poh (preserved radish) and a good smoky aroma from the wok. The condiments of young green mango, onions (its astringency was surprisingly good with this dish), cashew nuts and savoury curried pork all went very well with the salty, smoky flavours of the olive rice.

Talking about rice, this has got to be the most under-rated dish ever- steamed white rice and a fried egg. All that yummyness in the yolk makes this nature's best sauce! :p

Also good to order here is the Thai Red Beef Curry ($8 for small). I like the very fresh fragrance of the spices. Long beans and small cubes of pineapple balanced out the richness.

This Phad Thai ($5 for small) was a little strange for me but no less tasty. There was a sweet ketchup-like depth to it that I haven't come across in other phad thai. Good for those who don't take spicy food or prefer a sweet tinge.

Tom Kah Kai ($7 for small) by default of its name is supposed to be a chicken soup. But we requested for the seafood version which made this like a bit of a creamier version of seafood tom yum soup. The tangy, spicy, perky flavours were perfect to jolt the taste buds and salivary glands into over drive. Lots of lemongrass, galangal, chilli and I think, limes.

The food here has a rustic, delicious appeal. This cow will be back to try the udder dishes!

Sin Lai Lai Snack House
Golden Mile Complex

Chew On This: Interestingly, they do have a couple of Chinese dishes too. So for those who want both Thai and Chinese food, you know where to go. (:

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