Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Lunch of Chewy Noodles and Dumplings

We were on our way to Hong Hu Express for their guotie but got distracted by this newish-looking stall next to it.

A PRC Chinese lady came up to us, showed us the menu and the deal was sealed when I saw the below.

It had to be authentic stuff. Moohehehe.

Beef Noodles in Home Style ($4.50) came in a light beef broth with pieces of beef that had hints of spice (chili, szechuan peppers). But what was my favourite part of the dish were the wide ribbons of handmade noodles. They were QQ and had a lovely bite and texture. Should do bak chor mee with this! :p

Don't leave without trying the Wanton with Chili Oil ($4). This version was different in that there were no prawns and the skin was not the usual yellow wanton wrapper. Instead, the skin was like chee cheong fun while the filling was minced pork with a tiny bit of ginger. Splashed with black vinegar, chili and soy sauce (I think), these wantons were appetising.

The Dumplings (Dry; $4) were also nice- sufficiently tasty pork and chives filling, with a rustic slightly thickish skin.

Ok I love the translation of this dish 酸辣粉- Sichuan Hot and Sour Powder ($4). It wasn't powder but you can't quite fault the direct translation of 粉. Pity this spicy dish lacked depth and dimension.

I was looking forward to the Noodles with Fragrant Minced Pork ($4) but it turned out rather pedestrian. Defintely toss in chilli oil and vinegar.

Now to return to try their dishes with rice.

Jiu Li Xiang
Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road

Chew On This: Chinese food goes well with...Chinese beer! Here the only beer they serve is Harbin- a rather light and refreshing brew. Good for spicy food and in this crazy heat these days. 干杯!

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