Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grazing at Golden Mile Food Centre

And so here's what we also had for dinner in addition to the claypot rice.

Hokkien Mee. Was rather dry but hungry souls slurped up every strand. LOL.

Chicken Rice. The chicken was so so but the rice was pretty good! Fragrant with garlic and ginger.

Hor Fun. Lots of minced garlic made this extra fragrant. :)

The popular Chili Mee. Savoury element in the chili sauce here. Overall, it wasn't too bad but mind the queue at meal times.

A soup version was also available...essentially prawn noodles soup. Moohehe. Unfortunately the stock was rather sweeeeet (rock sugar?).

At the end of the night, my heart and stomachs still vote for the claypot rice! :D

Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road

Chew On This: I didn't go around snapping photos of the stalls or getting their names/prices as different parties went to get different dishes. Just eat lah! :p


FoodieFC said...


Haha. I was about to ask you where you bought the Hor Fun from.. until I saw your 'chew on it comment' lol.

I like the chilli noodle! Shiok!

The Hungry Cow said...

FoodieFC: Moohehe. This is gonna sound vague but it was from a stall that sold mainly just hor fun and fried rice. Corner stall. Just behind the claypot rice stall in my previous post.

Hope it helps! :D

FoodieFC said...

Thanks. I know where the claypoy rice stall is at! Will take a look when i get the chance!