Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wang Lai!

Whoooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?! Don't care lah. This season, the only pineapple on people's minds are those in the tart form. Moohahahaha.

Just wanted to share some of the pineapple tarts I have received from the below respective companies.

These yummy 凤梨酥 from Sunny Hills hail from Taiwan and spotted a buttery crust with a lovely well-balanced, pulpy pineapple filling. Personally, this was my favourite. :) Anyway, don't they look like gold bars? Very auspicious leh!

Crystal Jade's pineapple tarts had an interesting top crust and was kinda like bo lo bao. I tilted one so you can see the top and bottom parts are actually different. The crusty top gave it a more crunchy texture. The pineapple filling was mild but rather sweet.

People who enjoy their pineapple tarts with a super soft crust and sticky pineapple jam should consider Prima Deli's. The milk powder flavour was pretty evident in the crust while the jam packed a flavourful fruity punch with a pleasant aftertaste. For more huat-ness, choose the pineapple-shaped ones that come wrapped individually in a red translucent pouch.

Have an abundant year with good eats, health and prosperity yo! Whooooooooohuat ah! :D

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