Friday, January 06, 2012

Still Mama Mia After All These Years.

Al Forno is one restaurant that moo family enjoys but oddly have not returned to in the past 6 or 7 years. But boy were we happy to have revisited it recently at Dad's suggestion!

Pizza Al Forno ($23) was a delicious option topped with spinach, feta cheese and sausage meat. The crust wasn't too thin had a nice chew which I like.

We also enjoyed the Saute Di Vongole ($19)- a sliver dish load of clams cooked simply in white wine, garlic, olive oil, chili and parsley. The broth had sweet flavours of shellfish and garlic with a heat (from bird's eye chili) towards the back palate.

For those who like their rice in big portions, consider the Mushroom Risotto ($23). It's a nice vegetarian option but I found it to be a bit too rich for one person. Best shared around the table. :)

Al Forno's signature pasta dish- Spaghetti Cartocci ($59 for 2 person). Spaghetti tossed in a tomato sauce with olives, capers, crayfish, prawns, squid, clams and mussels! While the seafood was a tad overcooked for my liking, the flavours- oh rich tomato and sweet seafoody flavours were sooooo comfortingly gooooood.

For desserts Sis wanted the Panna Cotta but it was sold out. Boohoo. But no point crying over cuddled milk, no? Moohehehe. So we tried the Tiramisu ($9) instead. Pretty decent.

We brought a bottle of Teo Costa Nebbiolo d'Alba 2003 DOC which is drinking very nicely now. Corkage is $20.

Blessed Anniversary, Dad & Mum!

The place is casual and relaxed. The food is the kinda Italian food I like- rustic and homely. The portions are big (I lagi like!). I don't think we should wait another 6 or 7 sevens before returning.

Al Forno
400 East Coast Road
Tel: 6348 8781

Chew On This:
They use a wood-fired oven for their pizzas. Delivery is also available to selected areas in the east. Call 6348 8861 to enquire. Buon Appetito!


min~* said...

this looks awesome! :) missing italian food from a recent italy trip. time to relive those dining memories!

Olivia Burn said...

That tiramisu looks delicious! Reading your blog makes me miss Singapore so much!


The Hungry Cow said...

min: I haven't been to Italy so not sure how this will compare but do let me know your take on Al Forno if you do try it. :)

Olivia x: Seems like the thing that most people miss about Singapore is the food! Congrats on your award nomination.