Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Souper Under-Rated

Chinese New Year's festive foods can be rich and heaty. Amdist the pigging out, a good bowl of soup feels sooooo good.

I chanced upon this soup stall after walking past it numerous times en route to my favourite fish soup place in Bedok. When I finally decided to give it a try, I was so happy I did.

The Chicken Feet Peanuts Pork Ribs Soup ($3.50) was souper tasty. It must have been the hours of simmering chicken feet, peanuts and pork ribs in the large clay vessel.

Another good option- Watercress Pork Ribs Soup ($3.50). Light yet well-flavoured with dates, watercress, pork ribs and bitter almonds.

The soups here have a certain wholesome robustness to them. Makes me wanna moo. I think my Cantonese grandma would be proud (of the soups that is).

Blk 205
Bedok North Street 1

Chew On This: Based on my visits, there is a more than 50% chance that you might get pork ribs with tendons! These are slowly boiled until gelatinous and awesome gooey-ness. :D

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