Tuesday, December 06, 2011

One Ton Mee

Seriously. That's what the signboard says! Moohehe.

Anyway, this stall has been apparently serving up wanton mee for over 30 years! Wow. While I find the char siew disappointingly without any caramelised charred bits, the noodles were nicely done- firm, springy bite with a balanced flavour of egg and alkaline water. Tossed in a bit of oil and chilli, the noodles here would appeal to those who do not like sweet (read ketchup) notes in their noodles.

The one tons wantons were yummy too. Good flavours of minced pork and crunchy bits of water chestnut. Maybe on my next visit I'll do an all-wanton noodles!

Oh and if you prefer mee kia's flatter brother, you can opt for mee pok too! Lol.

One Ton Mee
Kwang Hui Kopitiam
Rochor Centre
1 Rochor Road

Chew On This: Before it's too late. Rochor Centre is slated for redevelopment in 2-3 years time and who knows what might happen to this stall. :(


FoodieFC said...

Frequently ate at rocher centre but not this coffeeshop. Never occur to me to eat there. Will try it one day

The Hungry Cow said...

Hope you will like it! :)

Anonymous said...

omg my whole family loves to eat this!! the sauce is perfect, the noodles are so QQ, and neither too thick nor thin, the chili is just the right amount. and im not a fan of won ton but this one is just the right bite size and so crunchy. the taste linger in my mouth after a while. its absolutely the best i have tasted. thanks for giving a review!