Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moo-ry Christmas!

Ahh. I just love the end of the year feeling. With the festive moo-d and a sense of joy in the air, everything looks good. Everything feels good.

And everyone enjoys Christmas. Celebrate the true reason of the season- Jesus Christ! He came for he so loved us and in him we have hope, an abundant life and salvation.

Christmas is usually celebrated at home with the family.

And the maternal extended family. Moohehehe. We also had a Christmas dinner with the paternal side a week earlier this year.

The 5 cousins. We grew up playing together and now everyone is so...erm.. less young. LOL.

Me and couz, Howie Dweeb, with Xiao Yi who brought Kim Chi from her recent trip to Korea. Kim Chi Turkey anyone? Moohehe. I think it might have been this aunt of mine that influenced my fondness for food and wine. All her fault! :p

Speaking of's a sexy bird. Our first time getting it from Four Seasons Gourmet Market. Pretty good! And the leftovers became a quick turkey stir-fry the next day and turkey congee a week later.

All photos credited to Mum and Melyi.

Moo-ry Christmas everyone and Happy Birthday, Jesus! Moohohoho.

Chew On This: Cos I can't wait for Christmas to come again! :D

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