Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After too much turkey and ham...

After the past few days of Christmas home parties, I was soooo happpppy to return back to the comforts of warm steamed rice and spices!

Initially we wanted to check out J Pot but it was fully booked and the waiting list was until 9pm. Zzzzz. So we did the next best thing- see if the neighbouring restaurant, Nyonya and Baba Peranakan Restaurant, had space. Moohahaha.

Thankfully they did and so we did not faint from hunger!

The Steam Fish with Nyonya Sauce ($35 for small) featured red snapper- good for those who like their fish firmer. The sauce was pretty appetising with its sweet notes, sourish tang and spicy hints. Pieces of ladies fingers, brinjal and pineapple complete the dish.

White rice and Otak-otak ($6) are good friends. I found the version here a tad dry around the edges but overall nice with a spicy, aromatic paste streaked with mackerel. The slivers of fish gave it a nice bite.

The Nyonya Chap Chye ($10 for small) was savoury (think tau cheo aka fermented soy beans) and sweet. But oh how I wished the cabbage was stewed a little longer. :p

If you've had enough of salads for now, the familiar sight and crunch of Sambal Kang Kong ($10 for small) would be a big welcome. The one here wasn't oily nor saucy. Drier style with sambal and (I'm guessing) ginger.

Ayam Buah Keluah ($12 for small) is probably one of the most popular Peranakan dishes in Singapore. Though I found the one here to be more sour (think assam) than most others, it was indeed appetising. Dig into the black nuts for the buah keluah paste- earthy, almost like a chocolate paste with pleasant slight bitter taste. I love this with rice!

The food is not the best around but after all the festive makaning, this feels good.

Nyonya and Baba Peranakan Restaurant
#01-54/56 Vivo City
Tel: 6376 9138

Chew On This:
They have got very nice sambal. Squeeze a lime in and lagi shiok!

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