Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fried Fish & Milky Soup Comfort

There are some days when one dish would give so much comfort that we call it, well, comfort dish. Moohahaha.

This bowl of Fried Fish Bee Hoon from Jin Hua at Maxwell Market is one such dish to me. Somehow fried food is always comforting (even if just psychological). The fried chunks of fish meat here were tasty and being dunked in the soup, had absorbed more flavours. The soup here had evaporated milk added which gave it a sweet, milkiness. Heat from the ginger and fragrance from the fried shallots and Chinese cooking wine balanced out this soup nicely.

Instead of just the usual red chilies in soy sauce as a side condiment, they mix green chilies here too. Great for those who like the tangy-spicy touch of the green chilies.

These days when the weather has gone wonky, this bowl is pure comfort- come rain or shine.

Jin Hua
Stall 77
Maxwell Food Centre

Chew On This: The bee hoon here is a medium thickness variety! In between the thin ones used in fried bee hoon and the thick version used in laksa. I think it gives a good balance between mouthfeel and the ability to absorb flavours.


FoodieFC said...

there 's always a long queue here during lunch time. wanted to try it several times but could not due to time constraint.

michell said...

this is my favorite too! :D

The Hungry Cow said...

FoodieFC: Yea, so imagine my joy when I was there on a Sunday and there were like only 4 people in the queue! Moohehe. Hope you get to try it one day.

Michell: Cool. High 5!