Monday, November 07, 2011

Catching Up Over Ramen

Having missed the first 2 days of Wine for Asia this year ($#@%!), I was only able to visit on the last day which was opened to the public. This sucked as quite a few wine merchants had packed and left their booths empty. Also equally annoying, people now had to pay a fee to taste this year's winners of the Wine Style Asia awards.

Any that's for another story. I was happy to meet a few friends at Wine For Asia- RecentRunes, Qisheng, Tommy, Alice, Lawrence etc. After the exhibition, Qisheng and I headed for dinner. It was a simple and satisfying ramen dinner.

At Keisuke Tokyo, one can choose the level of taste/saltiness of the soup, ramen texture, onion and chicken oil etc. Pretty customisable to suit personal preferences. For mine, I opted for "normal" for everything.

I had the Tokyo Style Pork Broth Ramen with Flavoured Egg ($13). The soup was milky and tasty. A little salty but perfect with the firm, straight egg noodles. A slice of charshu, spring onions, seaweed and a yummy egg with a semi-solid yolk completed the dish. Oh and btw, there was chicken oil in this bowl of ramen. It provided a smooth coat to the ramen and had a light perfumed.

For added omph (which is always a good thing. Moohehe), I suggest adding heaps of the beansprouts. Served slightly chilled, it was a bit spicy and fragrant with sesame oil. It also gave the noodle dish a refreshing crunch.

Add some onions in too for more depth. On its own, it was astringent and unpleasant but when a small amount was added to the soup, it became sweet and balanced.

I forgot to take a shot of the bonito flakes that was another optional topping but DO add it! Moo-re umami flavours. Mmmm.

If you're hungry or have four stomachs too, order another serving of ramen at $2.50. Just indicate to the wait staff after finishing the original portion of ramen and they will bring you your additional serving. Remember to keep some soup though!

We decided to try the Yaki Gyoza ($5 for 5 pieces). But I was disappointed with these. The skin had a nice chewy bite but the filling had no feeling- smallish and a bit bland. :(

But anyway, it was good catching up with Qisheng!

Keisuke Tokyo
#03-02 Millenia Walk
Tel: 6337 7919
Opens: Mondays-Fridays 11.30am-3.30pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm
Saturdays & Sundays 11am-10pm

Chew On This: No fear of splashes and messy eaters for dining companions here! :p


Daniel said...

Hahaha, reminiscing your Valenwine days at the fair?

Have you tried Tonkatsu King at Orchid Hotel? Its also run by Keisuke Tokyo's owner, and I heard that the ramen there is even better!

The Hungry Cow said...

Daniel: Those are great memories man.

Not tried Tonkatsu King yet but will keep in mind. Thanks for the heads up!

Nicole Gamble said...

My mouth is watering now just looking at it!

The Hungry Cow said...

Nicole Gamble: Water no more. Go and eat! :p

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