Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Makankakis at G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood

As per monthly tradition, the makankakis descended onto the predetermined venue for yet another dinner with good food, wines and friends.

People were excited as the first dish, Scallop with Mango Roll & Dragon Beard Prawns, arrived. While it signalled the start to the dinner and that more food would follow suit, it also kept hungry stomachs and itchy mouths happy. Always a good thing. Moohehe.

A fried pillow containing mango and scallops bursts forth with creamy, simple yet tasty flavours. The prawn roll with the light (phyllo pastry?) layers was crunchy and moreish.

Next came the Braised Dried and Fresh Fish Maw in Casserole. This was a dish of textures. The dried fish maw was spongy while the fresh version had a chewy, gummy feel.

The next dish of Steamed Shark's Head made many feel like ordering some rice. Realising that rice was free and already included in the prefix dinner price made many order some rice. LOL. Anyway, dig away and you'll soon realise that there's no meat! But that's not a bad thing as the gelatinous "flesh" was soft, sticky and went well with the piquant sauce that tasted of garlic, ginger, preserved black beans and chilli. The "shark" was actually a Shovel Nose Ray. Not shark.

Ta-daa! Ze bone is zclean.

Dad was beaming when this dish was brought to the table. He's a big roast meats fan. The Roast Duck was tender and had hints of Chinese herbs while the Roast Pork was relatively lean, meaty and with a five-spice flavour.

My favourite dish of the evening was this Dried Shrimp with Twin Delight. Lightly battered and deep fried slices of brinjal spotted a crisp shell and soft, mushy interior. I love brinjal for that delicious mushiness. Moohehe. Together with the brinjal were long beans, small silver fish, hae bee (dried shrimps) and chai poh (preserved radish). An aromatic dish that hits the spot with varying flavours and textures.

When it comes to beef in general, most cze char places tend to over tenderise their beef with bicarb. I personally do not appreciate this style as the beef tends to be artificially tender and loses beefy flavour. The Chinese Style Beef Steak here was such an example. :(

Now that we were towards the end of the meal, it was time for carbs to make their appearance. The Tai-O Rice Vermicelli looked simple but was flavoured nicely with a seafood stock and wok hei.

The Seafood Hor Fun was also served on opeh leaf. A pity that it lacked sufficient wok hei to give it body.

The meal ended with Yam Paste aka Orh Ni. It is one of my favourite desserts and the one here was pretty good with the flavour of yam coming through nicely. In fact the version here felt almost healthy with the absence of lard and being not too sweet.

All in all, this was one of the best Makansutra forum dinners in a while. The food was very good with some unique dishes, and dessert was served at 10.30pm! Moohahaha. The excellent company and infectious atmosphere of foodies just hanging out and enjoying dinner and wines made for a memorable dinner.

Big thanks to TTC and Eslim for the awesome job of putting this dinner (and many others) together.

Aiyah, I was probably too happy I forgot to take a shot of the shopfront! :/

G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood
161 Geylang Road (junction of Geylang Lorong 3)
Tel: 6743 2201
Opens: 5pm - 4am

Chew On This: . When the glasses have been cleared and there is no what you have to do to get the last drop of Champagne. LOL *Photo credit to TTC

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