Friday, October 14, 2011

The Lunch After PE

After voting in the recent Presidential Election, moo family went to a Community Centre near the voting venue for lunch.

We ordered the Soup of the Day- Watercress ($8). Turns out to be very homely. :)

The Roast Duck ($8) was pretty good. Sufficiently tender with a fragrant skin and a subtle herbal flavour.

One can opt for the roast duck in a bowl of noodles with soup too- H.K. Roasted Duck Bee Hoon ($4.50). But I think the flavour of the duck is a little diluted here.

The Shallow Fried Seasonal Vegetables with Three Different Eggs ($6.50 for small) wasn't well integrated between the stock and the spinach. Nonetheless, the portion was very generous and the stock pretty tasty. By the way, who invented this dish? It seems like it's available almost at every Chinese restaurant or czechar place. Moohehe.

For something moreish and yummy, try the Salted Egg Prawn Balls ($12 for small). It had a crisp coat of flour that was smeared with salted egg yolk. The curry leaves added another taste dimension to the savouriness. This is best eaten hot and with plenty of rice.

Speaking of rice, instead of the usual fried rice or hor fun, consider the Sweet Corn Sliced Fish Rice ($6). It looked a bit scary and could probably do with a bit of green garnish (spring onions?). But it was surprisingly comforting. The warm gravy provided a slickness to the fish slices and the corn kernels burst forth sweetness and also added crunch.

The PE wasn't as exciting as GE. A Tan was elected President. The spoofs and jokes were entertaining but it's time to moo-ve on now. I only hope differences will be put aside so we as a nation can press onwards. Majulah Singapura!

J.HK. Kitchen
Pasir Ris East Community Club
No. 1 Pasir Ris Drive 4
Tel: 6582 4209
Opens: 8am to 10pm (cze char available from 10.30am)

Chew On This: They've got individual set meals at $6.50. Steamed Chicken with Mushroom Rice + Vegetables + Dumpling Soup. Sounds good for a nice one-person meal!

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