Monday, September 26, 2011

De Burger

On one fine Saturday, it was the case of one burger to rule them all. Camemberu, Keropokman, Aromacookery and special guest from KL, Life for Beginners, were lured to DB Bistro Moderne by the much hyped about DB Burger...and of course catching up especially with Aromacookery and baby Matilda! Such a lovely baby. So happy for them! :)

Then two complimentary appetisers were served to the table. Reminded me a little of German pizzas. Crisp base with a mushroom topping (foreground) and bacon (background).

Here's the bread that was served and later topped up. Always comforting and great to ease hunger. Nomnomnom. The butter was solid....literally very solid. LOL.

On to starters. Anticipating a heavy burger, we opted to share two starters.

The Chop-Chop Salad with Shrimp ($21) had vegetables all..well...chopped chopped. Moohehe. Rather interesting dressing that brought to mind sesame oil and ginger. Some at the table say chicken rice!

Our second starter was the Lobster Salad ($36) with a creamy pesto sauce. Specially loved the crisp endives and lobster chunks.

After all that grass salad, it was about time for...

Eh not yet. Suddenly moo-re starters appeared moo-gically. LOL.

The Charcuterie Platter ($26) had yummy cured meats and terrine. The sides of whole grain mustard, pickles and fresh figs helped cut the richness and salt. In particular, I really enjoyed the fried cutlet of what seemed like a tuna bergedil! ;)

Unfortunately oysters ($4/piece) are not really my kind of thing....even these ones. But it did really taste of the sea. I guess I haven't learnt to appreciate them and don't enjoy tasting the sea that much. Moohaha.

Lastly, we had the Tarte Fine Provencale ($20)- a vegetarian option featuring tomatoes, eggplants and mozzarella cheese. I found these a little underwhelming in flavour. Or maybe my taste buds were primed for the main event...

*Cues dramatic music*

The Original db Burger ($38).

Let's take a step closer to view this. The patty was made from sirloin and filled with braised short ribs and foie gras! Woah. It was so meaty and savoury that I craved for pasta there and then. This patty was one that made me forget the bun, cheese (was there cheese?) and tomato salsa altogether. If not for civility, I would have ripped the patty into chunks and tossed them into a big, big bowl of pasta.

Oh and I should mention that the fries were goood! Good untill I ended up munching on Life For Beginner's fries. I is jialat lah. Moohehe.

By this time we were all too full for desserts. BUT the Warm Madeleines ($8) were awesome! Their warmth and perky citrus fragrance were so soothing.

I risk sounding like a TV Media advert from the 90s... Hey but wait there's more!

The Grapefruit Givre or frozen grapefruit was uniquely unique. It had a sesame halva crust that covered a grapefruit sorbet with Turkish delight. Slightly sweet, perfumed and bitter. I very much enjoyed the slight icy bitterness which proved refreshing after a heavy lunch.

Oh man. I felt really happy and sleepy! :p

See MBS' website here for some handy info.

DB Bistro Moderne
B1-48 Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 8525

Chew On This:
Behind the slightly translucent screen is the actual kitchen. Look hard enough and you might just discover Daniel Boulud cooking!

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