Saturday, August 06, 2011

Shooting at Level 70

Despite the gloomy skies outside, it was a soothing lunch at Swissotel The Stamford's Equinox, 70 floors above the ground. Such a luxury and treat in this mad, hectic world. My last meal at the Equinox was dinner with the 938LIVE deejays and fellow foodie lunch pickers almost two years ago. Such fond memories.

Anyway, it was lunch this time round.

A canape was served to whet the appetite. Potato chips with ikan bilies, mayo and spring onions Ahem. I mean Potato Crisp with Anchovies, Aoili and Chives. Served in a sardine tin, this was cute, fancy and so easy to over-munch!

Then came the breads- a choice of about 4-5 varieties. I love the baguette and butter. All I need now is a bottle of red wine and the scenic comforts of the countryside.... Yes, it's no crime to (day) dream. :D

My dream bubble burst with the soft citric tang of the Tomato Soup with Basil Oil.

The first official course was Veloute of White Beans, Confit Oxtail and Mushrooms. There was a nice, creamy sweetness of the white beans and earthiness of the mushrooms though the oxtail flavour was drowned. Overall very light dish with all the foam....maybe that's why the portion was small? Eat too much later will float. LOL.

Next came the Seared Escalope of Foie Gras, Beetroot and Cherry Composition. Very pretty dish and for a usually robust-tasting item, this foie gras felt almost feminine. Nice coarse salt flakes gave bursts of saltiness against the creamy foie gras. The beetroot jelly and cherry meringue (I'm guessing) kept things well-balanced.

Here's the Pan-Roasted Crispy Seabass, Fricassee of Squid and Fava Beans, Farfalle Pasta. The seabass had a crisp skin and moist flesh. The pasta, squid rings and beans were a tad under seasoned I felt.

Roasted Ballotine of Sakura Chicken, Trompettes, Roasted Salsify and Hazelnuts. This was lean and tender chicken. I like the texture of chopped hazelnuts. What's Salsify? Here's the answer from everyone's favourite online guru- Wiki. Moohehe.

Lastly, dessert was served. Elderflower Chibouste, Compote of Rhubarb and Strawberry Sorbet. Dig (deep) into this and get perked up by the tangy rhubarb compote at the bottom. This dessert leans a little more to the sour side than sweet.

I don't know if you did notice but the photos in this post look vastly different from my usual ones, no? That's because all these photos were taken using the newly launched Panasonic LUMIX GF-3!

Yep, the above lunch was served at the GF-3 media launch. Well, actually the GF-3 was served before lunch. :p

Here's the GF-3, big brother of the GF-2. It is the world's smallest and lightest digital interchangeable lens system camera! It's LUMIX G Micro System makes auto-focusing just 0.18 seconds.

Here are the specs from DP Review:
•12MP CMOS sensor (standard Four Thirds size)
•ISO 160-6400
•3.8 fps continuous shooting (2.8 fps with live view)
•GF2-style touch screen interface
•1080i60 AVCHD shooting (from 25p sensor output)
•All-area AF point selection
•'Pinpoint' AF mode (magnifies focus point to allow confirmation and fine-tune of AF position)
•Tracking AF in video mode
•Picture-in-picture manual focus magnification
•460k dot LCD

Price: $899 (with standard pancake lens) and $1099 (with dual kit lens).

I like the GF-3's slim, compact body. At 222g, it is also very portable! I needed a bit of time to get use to a touch screen cam but once ok, I like that one touch on the LCD screen could command the camera to focus on that spot. In fact, they have a function that can create a bit of bokeh even for someone who doesn't know anything about aperture! Cool.

The White Balance and Exposure controls were also very handy. Simply push a button and scroll to the desired setting.

While the plastic exterior, together with its light weight, makes it feel like a toy, thankfully the images are pretty solid.

I think the GF-3 is good for those who want good quality images without the bulk of a DSLR. Manual freaks would appreciate the manual controls available while those who simply prefer to point and shoot would benefit from the smart and easy to use iA+ mode.

My trusty LX-3 has served moo well for the past 2+ years. Having bought it at about $650, hmm....tempting indeed.

Thanks to Glenn Woo of The Right Spin and Panasonic Singapore for hosting this hungry cow.

Panasonic LUMIX GF-3 Launch @ Equinox Restaurant
Swissotel The Stamford
2 Stamford Road
Level 70
Tel: 6837 3322

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KopiKosongGirl said...

I think the candies are the coolest! :-P

The Hungry Cow said...

Momo: They are yummy too! The black ones are cola flavoured. (: