Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One Dessert to Lure Moo Back

It's not very often that a dessert has such powers to draw me back to a place...what more when the place isn't even a dessert shop.

I first found out about Le Chasseur from one of the monthly Makansutra forum dinners. Traded my soul (yes, so drama) for that one bowl of sweet soup and then I returned for more.

Ok, I'm going to break moo own history by blogging about dessert first. Icannotbelieveijustsaidthat.

Looks like an ordinary bowl of tau suan? This, my friends, is the art of doing something simple really, really well. The Tau Suan ($2.20) was fragrant with the aroma of pandan and spilt mung beans. The beans were soft yet held their own integrity amidst the runny sweet soup. A must to order together with the Tau Suan is the You Tiao (50cents)- grilled over charcoal for that characteristic smokey aroma.

In the words of a once famous song- Hit me baby one more time!

Unfortunately life is more than just tau suan. Even awesome tau suan.

We had other stuff too. The Watercress Soup ($5.20) was decent with pork ribs, watercress, dates, dried figs and Chinese almonds.

The Lotus Root Soup ($5.20) didn't fair well. It was pretty diluted and didn't taste like much.

For something interesting, try the Otah Omelette ($6). Fried eggs are yums and when paired with the spicy flavours of otah, it's a winner which goes perfectly with rice...hey or even baguette!

Ladies Fingers ($4.80) were fried with sambal. Not too bad and had nice heat.

The Emperor Sprout ($4.20) was a tad slimy. I like some slimy things like natto and ladies fingers but Emperor Sprout...hmmm...

Oh I quite enjoyed the The Claypot Chicken Rice ($17 for 3-4 pax's portion). The rice grains were long and fluffy. They used basmati rice! This claypot rice was flavourful (chicken, mushroom, salted fish, lup chiong) with restrain. Nothing over powering. Well-balanced.

Balance. Ah the delicate way of life...

Le Chasseur
31 New Bridge Road (opposite The Central)
Tel: 6337 7677
Opens: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm

Chew On This:
Check out their letter box. Cool!

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