Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moooo-n Cakes!

Some festive foods like bak chang (rice dumpling) are now available year round. Thankfully, mooncakes only make their appearance once a year during the lunar mid-autumn festival. That means, eat now or think about the calories and live to regret for a year. Nothankyou.

This year, I received two boxes of mooncakes- one from Crystal Jade and the other from Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Interestingly, both are the snow skin varieties and are not the usual lotus paste ones.

Personally, I still prefer the traditional lotus paste mooncakes- both baked and snow skin. New fangled flavours are interesting but some can be really weird. Heard from a media friend that she received gummy bears mooncakes! I think Chang Er would puke. Moohaha.

So let's see how the Crystal Jade and MBS mooncakes fared.

The ones from Crystal Jade came in pink, yellow, green and brown. Flavours were pretty experimental and bold. The green one (Green Tea & Plum Paste) tasted like the plum liqueur, umeshu, with a gentle green tea flavour coming at the back. A little intriguing but seems to grow on moo. LOL. Pinkies were Red Wine Cranberry. I didn't enjoy this due to its strong taste. Almost a little medicinal to me. The brown ones (Cognac Coffee) packed a strong slightly bitter coffee punch. Perfect for sleepy heads and students studying for exams!

My favourite was the yellow one (white lotus with egg yolk). :)

MBS' packaging was just beautiful! Yes, report says that mooncake packaging are excessive and wasteful. But then again mooncakes are a gift to family, friends and business associates. Wouldn't gifts be elaborately dressed up? Shaped like a lantern, the outer box encased an inner column which could be slided out...

...and opened to reveal 4 layers of mooncakes! Very chio indeed.

There were two flavours- Salted-Caramel Almond Crunch and Dark Chocolate Orange Grand Marnier. While the former had the nice salty-sweet balance, it was the later that killed me. How to not resist the smooth, dark chocolate flavours with the citrusy orange hint? Crunchy bits provided a nice textural contrast to the smooth paste and ganache.

This hungry cow wishes one and all a happy mid-autumn festival with delicious mooo-ncake moments with family and friends. But please don't contribute to the haze.

Thanks to Jolynn Lai of Crystal Jade and Venetia Chung of MBS for the mooncakes.

Chew On This: with a good pot of Chinese tea!

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