Monday, August 22, 2011

A Laid Back NomNom Spot

Quite a few relatively remote parts of Singapore all seem to have a common formula for eateries- a mix of both local and western favourites. Where hor fun and grilled lamb racks coexist. Bark Cafe and The Bunker in Changi, Beaulieu House and Galley by the Straits in Sembawang come to mind.

The ulu-ness of these places adds to the charm. Away from the city skyscrapers, modern shopping malls and the maddening crowd. Often, lush greenery, serenity and sometimes a gentle sea breeze caress the urban soul.

I had this experience again when Miss Tam Chiak shot out an sms and soon after I found myself grazing at Labrador Seafood.

Their house signature- Labrador Breeze ($12) is a good mix of kiwi, passion fruit, lychee syrup, mangosteen jello and vodka. Fruity sweetness with the alcohol hitting the back for a nice kick.

But alcohol might not be everybody's thing. I have a friend who used to be allergic to alcohol....until she stayed in UK for 4 months. Ok, before I get stoned by the League members for bringing up this old story, I should recommend this Mixed Juice ($7.80). It was a combination of apple, orange and watermelon. Perfect for people who can't decide which juice to order! Moohehe. Freshly-squeezed and sans syrup.

If you are a fan of the flavours of those chilli-spiked fishballs/cakes, try the Deep Fried Tofu Fritters ($12). Leaning more towards the rough and rustic than smooth and creamy version, the mashed tofu filling is encased in a crispy batter, which some how reminded me of goreng pisang.

The Chinese-style Ponggol Mee Goreng ($10) was pretty tasty with hints of chili and ketchup, and with squid rings and prawns.

For ang moh noodles, there was the Spaghetti Aglio Olio Prawns ($11). Not too bad with the taste of garlic and chilli padi coming though. Wished they had fried the prawn shells in the oil. That would have upgraded (yes, you Singaporeans! moohahaha) this dish by a few notches.

For seafood, I've always loved the simpler the better. This BBQ Giant Squid ($4/100g) was such an example. With just a squeeze of lemon for sharp acidity and the gentle grilled aroma from the charcoal grill, it was delish.

These Pearl Clams ($6/100g) were giant sized. Check out their size compared to the crab-cracker tool. These were fresh though not really sweet. I quite like the sauce which tasted like those used in steamed fish.

Crabby people should check out the Black Pepper Sri Lankan Crab ($4.50/100g). The sauce was peppery and had a very savoury edge to it.

But if salted egg yolk rocks your boat, go for the Salted Egg Sri Lankan Crab ($4.50/100g). Instead of a sauce/gravy, the salted egg yolk coated the exterior of the shell....which made me suck on them. Nice salty, savouriness with rich flavours of salted egg yolk and a background of curry leaves and dried chilli.

The Fried Beef Hor Fun ($10) was said to be good so an impromptu order was made. Hor Fun lures moo like magic. There was some wok hei but pity that it was just a tad underseasoned. The beef was, thankfully, not over-tenderised.

And since the whole country was preparing for curry wars.... Hey we even protest through food and eating! I love SG. LOL! Anyway the Indonesian Curry Large Tiger Prawns ($7.50/100g) here was delicious! The prawns could have been fresher but the curry itself was fragrant and could have easily made me demolish a huge mound of rice. But I didn't want to scare the nice people at the table lah. Moohaha.

Jumbo Kajang Satay (Chicken, Mutton, Beef- $9/6 skewers)! Skewered meats over a charcoal flame. Yums. See? A ruler was even brought in to prove the 4.5 inches length of the meat on the stick! We is porfessional okay. LOL.

Fresh Fruit Platter ($15) was a healthy way to end the meal. No added sugars, no fat, no guilt.

With a rustic, outdoor feel combined with a homely vibe, Labrador Seafood is ideal for a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Take a short walk to the near by coast front. Look at Sentosa, wish you were a resident enjoy the seabreeze. Let time pass and don't forget to smell the (yellow frangipani) flowers.

Check out Labrador Seafood on Miss Tam Chiak and Gourmetestorie. Thanks to Angela and Paul for hosting us.

Labrador Seafood
No. 8 Port Road
Tel: 6273 2779
Opens: 11am-12.30am daily

Chew On This: It is best to either cab or drive in! Parking is free by the way. :)


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It's good to see that, as crowded as Singapore is, there are still places there with such a natural ambiance. I'm definitely having a meal at those places the next time I'm in the country.

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