Monday, July 04, 2011

A Lovely Saturday Lunch in the North

This cow trotted over to the north one fine recent Saturday. It has been like 5-6 years since I last traced this path. It sure brought back nostalgic memories. Then, it was a regular commute between army camp and home, often in semi-comatose state.

But on this Saturday, the mood was relaxed and leisurely as it was to a friend's place for a home-cooked lunch.

Maameemoomoo cooked up Malaysian-style Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang. It was a simple and delicious lunch, made even more enjoyable with foodie friends. :) The rice reminded me of my late paternal grandma's nasi lemak. There was a pronounced coconut milk and pandan fragrance. A little ginger in the background.

The rempah and sambal were all made from scratch. Lots of hard work and love in the cooking!

Question: Which was the hottest dish?
Answer: Sambal. Why? Because it had the camera's attention. Moohahaha! Ahem. Ok, sorry. I digress.

Dessert arrived in the form of Strawberry Mousse & White Chocolate Cream with Chopped Mangoes. So pretty right?! I dare say this would not look out of place at a cafe or restaurant.

Then this was turned into...

Lemon & Orange Yogurt Cake! She made it look so easy lah. :p

The cake looked like a pound cake but was much lighter and had an interesting slightly kueh-like texture. I loved the citrusy flavour and that it was made to be not too sweet. A cake like this is just too dangerous!

By the way, if you are female and would like to learn baking, Maameemoomoo is holding baking sessions at her place...FOC! Simply to help spread the joys of baking. What a great idea! Check it out here. July's slots are full but keep your fingers crossed for August ones.

Many thanks to Maameemoomoo for toiling on a Saturday to prepare a lovely lunch and bake for us! It was such a relaxed and enjoyable Saturday lunch that I just felt like nuah-ing. Moohehe.

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