Sunday, June 05, 2011

A short green break- Reservist, here I come!

Yes, it is my first call up for ICT. After 5 years of non-army's time to don the green fatigue again. Rusty and all, it should be fun. Have been really stressed so I guess it should be a good break from the craziness.

Blogging will resume once national duty ends in 2 weeks. Now, is it the left or right leg that moves for serdia (spelling?)? Moohahaha.


Daniel said...

Lucky you, 5 peaceful years of grazing without donning the greens! Now throw you back to mother nature. lolx. Mine's in two weeks time blah.

And its left leg, I think. ahaha

Anonymous said...

Left leg for sure :)

The Hungry Cow said...

Daniel: Haha. Yea loh. But it was a good break. Enjoy yours! :)

Anonymous: Yep, thanks. It's a good thing my ICT didn't have drills or such commands. It would have been a joke! Lol.