Thursday, June 23, 2011


ION Orchard is usually associated with high-end boutiques and atas shops. Even the food court there is priced higher than most. So it was comforting to find a restaurant at ION that offers reasonably-priced dishes and is pretty low key (which also means no crowd, no queues!).

Here's what I sampled at a lunch at Meatworks:

The Beef Carpaccio ($16) featured thin slices of beef (yep, raw) with gran padano shavings, rocket leaves, fresh button mushrooms, wasabi emulsion, crushed black pepper and a wedge of lemon. The flavours were simple, clean and scrumptious.

The Salmon Tartare ($14) also turned out very well. I loved it- sensation of chilled salmon with the astringent-sweetness of shallots.

Our last starter, Foie Gras ($22), was alright but could do with a crispier crust. Pairing it with longan and a crust pastry was interesting.

Cow-lovers:"Where's the beef?"

Hang on, before we touch on the slayed cows, let's do one fish dish.

The Chilean Silver Cod ($30) was moist and flaked nicely. The roasted veggies didn't quite appeal though.

And now time for the beef...

Ribeye ($42) was a 250g steak from Meyer Angus 150-200 day corn-fed USA cows. The beef flavour is rather fact a little too subtle for me. :p

I much preferred the Hanging Tender ($26)- 200g, Aussie 100 day grass-fed Diamantina. The meat required a bit more chewing but the flavours....oh the flavours. Think rich, beefy, iron-y, liver-like flavours!

If size is all that matters (seriously), go for the Brontosaurus ($108). It is a 1.5kg hunk that needs 1 hour preparation time and is only available in limited quantities. I found this one overdone such that it was dry and tough for most parts. But I guess those who don't mind or actually like the toughness, and its size appeal would probably better appreciate this!

Desserts on the whole were decent. :) We had:

Tiramisu ($8)

Cheesecake ($6)

Creme Brulee with Berries ($8)

You can tell what I came for. Moohahaha.

Meatworks is much bigger than it looks. There is a cafe-like dining area outside, a restaurant setting area inside and further in, a private dining room and an open-air section. Hmm...I'm thinking of the Steak Lovers' Association already....

Thanks to James Lu for the invite and hosting this cow.

ION Orchard
#04-27 to 32
Tel: 6634 0026
Opens: 12noon–9pm daily

Chew On This:
Wanna DIY steak at home or preparing for a barbecue? Various vacuum packed beef steaks are available here for take away!


muchadoabouteating said...

Ate at meatworks several times mostly bec it's quiet over weekends. Felt that we suffered from post msg syndrome after eating there. How about you?

The Hungry Cow said...

PY: Thanks for your comment! I didn't get any post-msg syndrome. Was it the salt perhaps? Though I didn't experience it here, I find that sometimes my throat can feel irritated with too salty food.

J2Kfm said...

Oh there are Meatworks outlets here in KL too. One opening soon enough near to my place. Will see if they have that chunk of a massive 1.5kg dino!