Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5* Crab Bee Hoon!

I thought I had white balanced but apparently the awesome crab bee hoon proved too much of a distraction.

Yes, yes. It's all this one's fault! Moohahaha. Crab Bee Hoon ($48/kg; $86.40 for 2 crabs at this dinner). The bee hoon was tasty having absorbed the delicious flavours of the crab and aromatics like ginger and spring onions. But it was still best supporting actor to the crabs that stole the show. Now, I know a comment like the one I'm going to make will raise expectations and might draw flak. But on this evening the crabs were outstandingly outstanding!

The flesh was meaty, firm, delicate and sweet....enough to make this usually bovine fan weak in his knees.

The other must order here is the Steamed Flower Clams ($40/kg). Simply steamed with fragrant oil, soy sauce and fried chopped garlic, the natural sweetness of the clams were beautifully enhanced. The timing of the steaming was perfect too rendering the clams nice and tender.

Deep Fried Fish Skin ($8) is a fun dish to order. Once you pop, you really can't stop! :p

I liked the Butter Cereal Prawn ($60/kg; $36 for 600g for this dinner) not for the prawns but actually for the cereal. It's usually sinfully fried in butter but the one here was surprisingly un-oily! Fragrant with curry leaves and chilli, it made for yummy munching.

Sometimes the simpler dishes fail and this was the case with the Nai Bai with Assorted Eggs ($15 for Medium). See the photo and one will know CMI. The thick, gooey, starchy gravy was such a turn off. Bukkake veggie anyone? Yucks.

Then we went off for durians! Was hosting my uncle and auntie from Taiwan. :)

Ming Kee Live Seafood
556 Macpherson Road
Tel: 6747 4075
Opens: 12pm-2pm; 6-11pm

Chew On This: Feel free to BYO here. Glasses provided and no corkage charged!


MissyGlutton said...

one of my favorite place to have crab bee hoon and also the bamboo clams... Love their garlic mix :D

The Hungry Cow said...

MissyGlutton: ^5. Not exactly cheap but so good lah! Moohehe.