Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ugly But Yummy

There is beauty in ugliness. Proof of that? Hainanese curry rice.

It looks sloppy and scrumptious! Almost undiscernible, fried pork chop ($1), ngoh hiang (60 cents), fried egg (50 cents) and braised cabbage (60 cents) topped the rice on my plate. In a fussy-wussy world, the pork chop could have been crispier, the ngoh hiang wrapped tighter and the fried egg less cooked. But all is forgiven smothered under that lovely, gooey blanket of thick, fragrant and spicy-sweet curry and braised sauce.

The individual components by themselves seemed ordinary but when combined, sang a beautiful song of delicious harmony.

Some say we eat with our eyes, this cow says I can eat this happily with moo eyes closed.

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar (Junction of Jalan Besar & Kitchener Road)
Opens: 11am-3.30am daily

Chew On This: This stall is famous for using old-school metal scissors to snip up food items into bite-sized pieces (how convenient!). It is comforting to know that even after decades, some things never change. :)


Anonymous said...


Always love your blog!
I always love to eat there, eat from young till now!Still that nice! Simply love the "gluey" gravy!

However, their prices are getting more expensive liao! :(


The Hungry Cow said...

Michie: Aww...thanks! With prices of most makan going up, moo thinks a good motto to adopt is "Eat now rather than later!"

Anonymous said...

Totally agree on what you said!
Love your blog!Keep on writing ok?
Enjoy yr "reservist" ;Þ