Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taking Singapore Out

Bringing a taste of Singapore to the world, the Singapore International Culinary Exchange (SPICE) presents Singapore Takeout- 1 mobile kitchen, 9 cities, 10 chefs and 15 food brands on a 365-day gastronomic journey. Here you see the fully customised shipping container that houses the mobile kitchen.

After a count down, the participating folks in the Singapore Takeout were revealed- Andre Chiang (Restaurant Andre), Janice Wong (2am:dessertbar), Eric Teo (Manderin Oriental Hotel Group), Ryan Clift (Tippling Club), Armin Leitgab (Les Amis), Willin Low (Wild Rocket), Benjamin Seck (True Blue Cuisine), Haikal Johari and Ignatius Chan (Iggy's).

Chef Janice Wong served up canapes at the media event.

Pardon the photos as white balance was pretty hard with the lights changing colour every few seconds.

Xiaolongbao with a bit of chocolate anyone? This was intriguing with the cocoa notes just coming at the end.

Or how about Chef Janice's cool take on ice kacang? It was an icy dessert though quite different from the usual bowl of ice kacang.

There were also laksa dumplings with a gingery-lemony (lemongrass?) jelly. Pretty refreshing with the fragrant spices and a pleasant tartness from the jelly.

Chef Janice really gives Singapore dishes/flavours a very modern interpretation. Being a dessert specialist, she seems to infuse her dishes (even savoury ones!) with her own sweet touch.

And what are the above? Salted caramel popcorns. They tasted salty and sweet with an interesting texture of liquid-nitrogen-frozen marshmallow (not that I've tasted one before but I think it would have a similar texture. Moohahaha)

Rocher magnums are melty, silky chocolate rounds on picks. Having this go round at a party looks cool eh?

So which cities will Singapore Takeout visit? London, Paris, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Dubai, Sydney! Each stopover will be for just 3 days so blink and you'll miss it!

Singapore Takeout
June 2011 - April 2012

Thanks to Samantha of Ate Consultancy for the invite.

Chew On This: SPICE is backed by the Singapore Tourism Board, IE Singapore and SPRING Singapore. Don't pray pray.

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