Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meeting & Eating

It's nice to have lunch meetings because....well, there's lunch! :p

This was some time ago at KUMO Kaiseki.

The kaiseki lunch ($58) started with a plate of 3 appetisers. Small morsels to prep the taste buds for more.

Then sashimi followed. Absolutely yummers! Just something alluring about fresh raw fish dabbed with wasabi and dipped in soy sauce.

Next course was supposed to be duck but my host recommended skipping that and going for both the beef and fish. Usually it's a choice of one out of the two.

The Grilled US Beef was disappointingly tough and dry. It had good flavour though. Thought it to be more like a braised dish than grilled.

The Grilled Kanpachi Cheek was much, much better. Simply grilled with a bit of salt, the slivers of flesh were smooth and silky. Niceee.

For dessert, we enjoyed a Choya Jelly. Nothing too potent or flammable unlike my friend, Ewan's memorable vodka jelly. Moohahaha.

Lunch ended and work resumed. Sometimes the lines blur.

Oh and I forgot to snap a shot of the restaurant front. Oopsie!

12 Gopeng Street
#01-58 ICON Village
Tel: 6225 8433

Chew On This: There's no service charge, only GST added to the bill. Thankfully, there was service! LOL. Quite good value.

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