Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Cow's Moo-sing on GE 2011

So it seems besides shopping and food, Singaporeans now have another interest- General Election 2011. And how not to be excited?

Rallies attracted more people than S-League matches and could rival megachurches here; the vibes more exciting than Singapore Idol. Being my second time voting, I am very excited!

In the past, the opposition has always been more low-key and sometimes a bit of a joke. They also struggle with getting messages across to the public. But this elections, with the rampant use of social media (YouTube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter), messages/ideas/propaganda get spread around quickly. Opposition candidates are also seen as better qualified and of a higher calibre than before. Kudos to them on projecting an improved image!

I went to a WP rally in Bedok and it was swarmed! Singaporeans standing in an open field for 3 hours without complaining is making a serious statement. Add the rain and mud to that and it becomes very unSingaporean-like.

Anyway it's often easy to point out mistakes and faults but who's to say that if the opposition forms a government, it won't also make mistakes?

The ruling PAP, on the other hand, has never seemed more shaken. For once, I think they feel the heat judjing by the boo boo comments some PAP leaders have made. But the pressure's good too. Mistakes were acknowledged, apologies delivered, promises of more engagement and listening to the people were made.

I feel that while many want more voices and representation in parliament rather than the dominance of one party, they also wish that the PAP would remain the government. It's currently the only (even by the opposition's own admission) party capable to form the government and has brought about stability and growth. The danger is when the opposition wins majority and forms the government, I think we all better start praying.

Personally, I think the PAP will remain as the ruling party while the opposition will get a few more seats. Only time will tell. Should the PAP win, it will have lots of work to remain relevant and responsive to the people. Should the opposition win, they will have to live up to all that hot air rara-ing at the rallies. Whatever the results, the people have already won.

It's nice seeing Singaporeans showing interest, taking a steak stake in the next generation of leaders and making a stand. Sitting on the fence will probably constitute to damaging public property and beget a fine.

God Bless Singapore.

Oh and if SM Goh loses, it will be because of two young women. I hope voters vote with their hearts and minds and not with their eyes. This is not Miss Singapore contest hor. LOL.

Chew On This: When faced with a decision if to eat eg wanton mee or mee rebus, I usually end up with both. Unfortunately, voting in the GE is much more serious. I need to think ....Will I want to eat wanton mee or mee rebus for the next 5 years? Which will be better for me?


Unknown said...

Hahha is Bak chor mee!

The Hungry Cow said...

Hitori: Hahaha. Yesh!