Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another Good Simpang Bedok Cze Char

My favourite cze char stall at Simpang Bedok has been Hock Leng Seafood later known as Simpang Kitchen, now known as Simpang @ Ease. But there's another cze char stall that also has been around for a while- Hock Lai Heng Restaurant.

And the food is pretty good with an old school charm.

Claypot Fish Head ($18) was essentially a good one pot dish. The fish head was coated with flour and fried before being braised with celery, yam, pork belly, corn, egg tofu etc. The brown gravy was given an added smoothness with the raw egg mixed into its heat. Very tasty with rice.

I found the Gao Geh Soup ($4) aka Boxthorn soup to be average. Plenty of ingredients though! I do like their dark green, slightly bitter leaves that are good source of vitamin A and iron.

A dish to savour here would be the Dry Curry Pork Ribs ($8). The pork ribs were fried in a fragrant and spicy curry paste with what I thought included blue ginger, lemongrass, shallot etc. Really appetising and great with rice!

We also tried a cze char staple- Hor Fun ($3.50). Decent with nicely-fried hor fun. Some wok hei. Though the seafood could have been fresher.

I'll be back to check out their other dishes! Will drool at the memory of their Dry Curry Pork Ribs in the meanwhile. :p

Hock Lai Heng Restaurant
294 Bedok Road
Tel: 6243 1732 ‎
Opens: 11am-2pm for lunch on weekdays except public holidays; 6pm onwards for dinner

Chew On This: The guy who took our orders was helpful with suggestions and not pushy at all! In fact, he was worried that we might over order as portions are hearty. Now, if only all other restaurants/cze char places were like that instead of pushing for expensive seafood items.

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Corazon said...

oh my God all of them looks delish!wouldnt know wich to eat first.