Sunday, April 03, 2011


It's been some time since I last dined at Ootoya. After realising that they had recently opened an outlet at Suntec, we moo-ed over on fine Sunday.

Grilled fish always sounds good. The Charcoal Grilled Atka Mackerel Set ($15) which includes miso soup, pickles, an appetiser and free-flow of rice, had a whole fish that was delicate and moist.

Sprinkle some black sesame seeds and salt to enhance the fish's natural flavour.

The fragrance of black vinegar was alluring in the Pork Loin and Vegetable Stir-Fry with Black Vinegar Set ($17). Seems a little more Chinese than Japanese. I found it too oily but it was tasty nonetheless!

For something comforting and satisfying, the Rice with Charcoal Grilled Chicken and Egg Set ($15.50) rocks. Subtle fragrance from the grilled chicken together with a sweet and savoury sauce and runny eggs over rice is just mmmmmmm (now, that's a good word to describe food! Moohahahha).

Suntec City Mall (other outlet at Orchard Central)
Tel: 68373718
Opens: 11am-9.30pm

Chew On This: Get a sticker with every $20 spent. Five stickers will get you a free dessert while 10 will get you a free meal!

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