Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moovellous Bowl of Ramen!

I had just returned from Vietnam and had pho almost instead of regurgitating all the pho experience here and giving everyone pho-bia *insert moohahahaha*, I decided to blog on another noodle dish- ramen.

Been ages since I last went to Millenia Walk. Seems like with Parco now one of their anchor tenants, there are many Japanese eateries that have sprouted there. Among them, I saw Nantsuttei- a ramen shop from Japan. And the rest, as I say, was history lunch.

The basic dish of Ramen ($12) was a simple bowl of egg noodles, spring onions, bean sprouts and chashu. Opt for an egg for additional $1. The tonkotsu broth was creamy and rich with a black layer of roasted garlic oil which clung onto the noodles as I slurped. The egg had a molten semi-liquid (gel like?) yolk and smooth whites. Very savoury when eaten with the soup.

The chashu was also equally exciting.

The Smoked Chashu ($6.50) was smoked with cherry chips and carried an alluring smokiness not unlike bacon. A good amount of tender flesh was marbled with just a sliver of fat, creating a succulent, tasty slice of meat.

Buta-manma ($6) made use of good chashu- chopped, stewed in a sweet dashi stock and topped over rice. Pretty comforting though a pity it wasn't the short grain sushi rice.

Back to ramen. For a spicy twist to the basic ramen, opt for the Hot Miso Ramen Extra Hot Tanmen ($16). It came with 4 different spicy levels- Standard, Moderately Hot, Medium Hot, Extremely Hot. I tried Moderately Hot. I think most would take to this with quite a few probably preferring 1 or 2 notch up. It was spicy but not enough to induce tears nor profuse sweating.

Those thinking of getting the Extremely Hot are advised "Please refrain from ordering if you have heart trouble, feel ill, or have a sensitive stomach. Please note that your social status will not be raised if you eat Extremely Hot. If you are brave enough to challenge yourself in private, please try Extremely Hot." LOL.

As with the basic Ramen, the egg is at additional $1. This spicy ramen came with an extra slice of yummy chashu and minced pork in Japanese peppers. Japanese bak chor mee anyone? :p

And here comes the stunner. Seeing a poster encouraging patrons to ask for (free) garlic which they say makes the ramen tastier, I did thinking it was fried garlic chips.

Then this appeared:

No joke. It was raw garlic! Seeing how pungent and overwhelming raw garlic can be, I was sceptical at first. But after pressing 2 garlic cloves into the spicy miso soup...Va-va-vroooom! The minced garlic imparted added depth and a lovely fresh, clean garlic flavour that blended well with the rest of the soup. Two hooves up!

The Fuufu Enman Gyoza ($6) was smallish, had a nice fried bottom and was quite tasty. But alas. In the presence of awesome ramen soup and chashu, even the good seems moo-serable.

Fortunately, miserable I was not. This cow was a happy camper with a satisfying glow from a shiokadoodle ramen lunch. :)

Ganbatte Japan!!

Millenia Walk
Tel: 6337 7166

Chew On This: While waiting for your food to arrive, flip to the back of the menu and discover the nutritional goodness of the stuff in your bowl of ramen!


guardian said...

Looks delicious! Bring us there some time! =D

Three-Cookies said...

Very strange that they brought garlic cloves with a garlic press instead of minced garlic. But it all makes sense. Also good to see they believe in garlic press unless many other chefs

Alexa said...

wow this ramen is epic!im a ramen lover but never seen this ramen that looks so perfect. can't wait to try this.

Unknown said...

The soup is really deep tasting. Maybe abit on the salty side.

The Hungry Cow said...

guardian: Sure! Don't fly aeroplane though. Lol.

Three-Cookies: I was pleasantly surprised by the raw garlic. Made the soup extra yummy!

Alexa: Go try! :)

Hitori: Yums right? I was happy I didn't get the horrible thirst/scratchy throat usually associated with high msg.

Camemberu said...

Oh I went to try this today. Sedap! The soup is so rich-tasting!

The Hungry Cow said...

Camemberu: Sedap indeed! Now I need to try the much talked about Ippudo. :D

Jiating said...

Looks really good! :)

The Hungry Cow said...

Jiating: Go eat! Heard some friends saying they found it a little salty though. Let me know your thoughts!