Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Todai Opens at MBS

A friend buzzed me and asked if I would like to check out this "upscale buffet" at MBS. Having only been to MBS for last year's Wine For Asia, and because I had also wanted to refuel after a tiring week, I was happy to accept the invitation to Todai.

And what a huge spread it was! 82 metres of buffet line up! One could do a micro marathon there through one night. Moohahaha.

Hold your horses. We, stomachs, body and soul, had to wait for VIPs to arrive to officiate the red ribbon cutting ceremony. This was after all Todai's grand opening! Congrats to Todai on their first opening in South East Asia!!

We now head back to the food.

Going through every buffet item one by one is too boring, painful and difficult to balance with actually enjoying the food. So I will highlight what to me were interesting and/or good.

One item that is probably not on any other buffet spread is the Fried Korean Ginseng! The crisp batter gave way to a pleasant starchy bite not unlike tapioca. There was a sweet taste followed by a bitterness that cleansed the palate from any residual oil. Very interesting and nice!

Next up is the popular seafood on ice. But the star would have to be....

Snow crab pincers and legs! These were awesome. Firm, meaty and with the natural sweetness and salinity of the sea. Order a carbonara and peel some of these babies over it, for a poshed up pasta!

There were also sashimi. I spied these special ones that were prepared just for VIPs (not us unfortunately). So colourful!

The Churrascaria section had a selection of chicken drumlets, pork belly, pineapple, beef ribye, flank and chuck tender. My favourite was the pork belly! Succulent and flavourful with a tad of sin. Also check out the roasted sweet potatoes- warm with some parts nicely caramelised, they were sweet with a tasty cinnamon (and ginger?) edge.

Cheeses. Can't believe I missed the cheeses. Damn. But oh well, no point crying over missed cheese.

Also available were rows of salads, a pasta station, pizzas, ramen and udon soups, tempura corner, cold cuts, European dishes (frog legs, roast beef, fish in cream sauce, pork in orange sauce), Korean items...

..and sushi! Lots of them.

This buffet is definitely one for those who love extensive spreads. I seriously doubt one can eat a piece of every dish here and walk out straight. But then again, there are monsters...and we are talking about buffets to Singaporeans. Moohaha. Being a Korean company, many of Todai's food has a slight Korean/fusion-ish touch.

Anyway,desserts were a variety of cakes, mousse, fruits etc.

I picked and mixed and ended up with the above platter. See the cute strawberry with cream? Haha. Ya, I ate it. LOL.

Thanks to Venetia of Marina Bay Sands for hosting me.

Lunch Prices

Monday-Thursday: Adult $42++; Child $22++
Friday-Sunday, Public Holidays and Even of Public Holidays: $58++; Child $26++

Dinner Prices
Monday-Thursday: Adult $54++; Child $26++
Friday-Sunday, Public Holidays and Even of Public Holidays: $58++; Child $26++

2 Bayfront Ave
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Tel: 6688 7771
Opens Daily: 11.30am-4.30pm; 5.30pm-11pm (Last order 30mins before closing)

Chew On This: From now till 31 March 2011, receive 10% off your bill and enjoy free flow of Korean strawberries!

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