Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lunch Meeting

It's nice to have a meeting and check out a restaurant at the same time- one of the reasons I'm thankful to be in F&B (more about my work in another post later). :)

Anyway, lunch meeting took us to OChre at the top of Orchard Central.

Doppio Carpaccio ($22) was a colourful plate of Hokkaido Scallop and
Parma Prosciutto ‘Pio Tosini’. Besides being a feast for the eyes, the appetising dish also appealed to me with the combination of fresh, luscious scallop and savoury prosciutto. The latter brought out a sweetness in the former.

Trio di Fegato Grasso ($28) featured foie gras in three ways- terrine, pan-fried and creme brulee. The terrine was great smeared over a bit of bread while the pan-fried foie gras was rich and good with the balsamic strawberry. But what I found to be really interesting was the creme brulee- foie gras creme brulee! A creamy custard with a nice balance between the savoury foie gras and sweet custard.

With three preparations of foie gras on one plate, this would make foie gras heads bob with pleasure.

For my mains, I tried the Risotto con Anatra Affumicata ($27) aka Smoked Duck & Radicchio Risotto. The flavour of the risotto was surprisingly more subdued than I had expected. But mouthfuls later, I understood it. The gentle flavours of white wine and onions supported the sharper, stronger flavour of the smoked duck nicely. This dish was no punchy powerhouse. It's delicate tastiness.

Dessert for me came in the form of Tiramisu ($10). A good size with light sponge and mascarpone that was creamy and not too heavy. Perfect for an end to a meal and when there's still work after this. ;) it's not the clouds. My camera lense fogged out the minute I stepped out.

Orchard Central
Tel: 6634 0423
Opens Daily: 11:30am–2:30pm; 6:30pm–10:30pm

Chew On This: OChre has a private dining room that can also be used as a meeting room! Yes, we had a meeting after this lunch meeting. Moohaha.

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