Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chicken Pot Comfort

Having lunch in Suntec after church every Sunday for the past 10 years, a new makan place opening there will surely catch my eyes. And so lunch one Sunday was at the newly-opened Chang Feng Ji.

We dived straight for the Signature Hua Diao Kampung Chicken ($28 for small). A claypot with chicken in a herbal broth sounded comforting. And it was. The chicken pieces were not the most tender but had a rustic bite and feel to them which I rather enjoyed. The broth had plenty of Chinese herbs and a shot of hua diao wine. Instead of unpleasant bitter notes, it was rather sweet (not in the sugar sense) with the goodness of yu zhu (a herb also known as Solomon's seal).

Yu zhu is believed to be good for one's lungs, stomach and throat among many other benefits. Hey, it is believed to curb excessive hunger too! Moohahaha.

Anyway, the claypot dish also came with a plate of veggies with tang-o, long cabbage, tau pok, mushrooms, lotus roots and slices of huai shan (also known as Chinese wild yam). Huai shan is apparently good for the spleen, lowering blood sugar and pleasure pressure, and for improving appetite! Woot.

What scared me was the Mongolian Pork Ribs with Chili Sauce & Mayonnaise, Topped with Black & White Sesame Seeds ($12). Unfortunately, wayyyy too oily.

Good thing there was the Cabbage Cooked with Superior Stock ($10) to counter all that nasty grease. The nai bai cabbage was still crunchy and was cooked in a chicken (I think) broth with a very generous sprinkling of wolfberries.

With an in-house dessert stall, order your fill of bubble tea and shaved ice desserts.

I had an Iced Honey Green Tea ($2.50 for small) which was very fragrant and not too sweet.

I don't mind returning for that one pot of chicken!

Chang Feng Ji
Suntec City Mall #B1-011
Fountain Terrace
Tel: 6338 0116

Chew On This: There is no service charge! And they changed our plates pretty often!


Anonymous said...

Good recommendation! The hua diao chicken is tender and fresh, and free top up of the soup. fried eggplant is good too. Overall, food is tasty and you don't get that after-msg thirst. I'll certainly go back again :)

The Hungry Cow said...

Anonymous: Thanks for reminding me of the free top up of soup and glad you like the dish too!

Kevin said...


Way too overpriced. The waiver of service charge is a scam. They have already incorporated the charges into their overpriced drinks and dishes.

A chef recommended tofu dish was a joke. 0.75% flour, 0.25 % tofu.

Their signature dish had pathetic pieces of chicken. Overall the cost of the $28 dish was probably only 10bucks. MAX.

My total bill for 3 pax came up to be $75. we only ordered the crap tofu, pathetic chicken soup dish and asparagus.


VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING. I am writing this post out of kindness to save you all the disgust you will DEFINITELY feel should you patronise this scam of a restaurant.

VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING. I am writing this post out of kindness to save you all the disgust you will DEFINITELY feel should you patroni

The Hungry Cow said...

Kevin: Wow. Strong comment there. One may find fault with a restaurant's food, service, decor, price etc but to call it a scam might be over-doing it.

To each his own. If customers do not take to what a restaurant offers, market forces will take care of it.

Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

I've never written any food review before (too time-consuming) but after patronising the restaurant last night, I feel compelled to respond to Kevin's comments. Actually, my husband and I'd only happened to chance upon this makan place when we walked around Suntec looking for a birthday cake for our son at noon yesterday (11.12.2011). They were offering samples of soup of which my husband tried a small bowl and liked. So although we had never heard of this restaurant before, we decided to make a dinner reservation for 10 pax to celebrate our son's birthday. Still, I was apprehensive and went back home to check for reviews. Most were positive except Kevin's which did cause me some worries...However, after our dinner there, I'm very glad and relieved to say that our family enjoyed what we'd eaten. Their home-make beancurd with enoki mushroom is very soft, wholesome, fragrant and delicious! Though not cheap at $18 for a medium portion, we love it so much that we're thinking of going back for more. The sweet/sour fish is divine and great value for money, just $18 for a medium portion. Everyone enjoyed the stir fried hongkong kai lan with garlic as well. At $16 for a medium portion, it is not a bargain but the vegetables are superbly fresh, tender and cooked just right. The pork pattie is heavenly too. The venison in red date sauce ( i think they call it champagne sauce or something like that) take some getting used too. Some of us found it too sweet but it seems to appeal to my mother. The san bei chicken is good too except maybe too bony. House speciality, hua diao chicken soup is a hearty drink especially on cold nights. I ordered the medium portion $42 and it was enough to feed all of us. We had a filipino waitress served us and she was friendly, attentive and prompt. Although it took them quite a while to serve us the warm water we requested for at the beginning of the meal, I can't really fault them as they were quite busy then. This can happen at any busy restaurant too. When we were back home after dinner, my husband commented that the people at the restaurant were all trying their best to make our dining experience a positive one. We'd brought our son's birthday cake to the restaurant, and without hesitation, they brought it out all lit at the end of the meal and sang a heartfelt birthday song for my son! And to think there's no service charge. We like the decor and ambience of the restaurant. The seating, table size is just right. I feel that overall Chang Feng Ji is a restaurant that fits the budget of everyone. If one wishes to splurge, there are also more expensive dishes to choose from, such as scallop, crabs, shark's fin (please abstain to save the sharks!), whole fishes,, etc. Easy on the pocket choices are available too. What's more their Healthy chinese set meal is great for value too; bento style from $16.80+ onwards available for both lunch and dinner. Daily lunch Claypot Special (available 12pm - 2pm) is a steal at $8.80+. For this one gets to choose one from 4 types of stock (superior stock, laksa, curry, tom-yam); choose one type of main ingredient (seafood, beef, chicken, fish); and one type of noodles (yee-mee, vermicelli, hokkien mee, bean vermicelli or rice). We're already planning a second visit soon. Alice

Anonymous said...

Hi there, indeed it's a good place for family dining. Although the name is not famous, but the food is delicious I'm sure they will make it one day. Cheers