Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Eve @ MBS!

No no no. There wasn't flashy cars, red carpet, killer babes nor martinis and it wasn't some glitzy Casino Royale. After noisy count-down parties (and being hit by a flying shoe at a Sentosa NYE party when foam parties were still cool), these few years, NYE countdowns have been quieter but cosier with close friends at Ewan's place. His place is the birth of classic League stories such as the So-Bad-We-Had-To-Keep-Drinking Margarita, Eat-Pork-Sukiyaki-Until-Give-Up-Pork, Pi Pa Gao Cocktail and One Whole Freakin Night of One Litre of Tears.

Movies usually feature prominently at his home parties and top picks include Hostel 1 and 2, and cos Quentin didn't do a 3, we ended up watching the "art house" Blue Velvet (4 hooves up!) one year.

This year, we didn't really watch a movie and surprise, surprise, there wasn't a single round of majong!

Instead, welcome to Marina Bay Simei! Moohahaha. Jon brought poker chips and taught us noobs to play poker...which is a great entertainment that sets hearts racing and can be played all night long.

Anyway, it was a Sandwitch party this year and our big friendly host told us to bring anything that can contribute to a sandwich. So we had bacon, egg mayo, potato chips, rice crackers, roast chicken, tuna mayo, fresh veggies, roasted garlic, pasta salad, curry pumpkin soup and even ayam ponteh!

But credit must be given to our bread-maker- Cherie aka Xiao Pang. For there can be no sandwich without bread that's why we bought 3 loaves to standby just in case her loaves turned out to be killer-litter quality. Well done, XP!

And to set blog history, this entry will have more people shots than food! I think my camera was shocked to see so many humans. LOL.

Just for fun, we had a gift exchange this year. Condition: you can't spend above $2! Maybe this is a great yearly game to test inflation. Moohaha. I re-used a cute paper bag gift-wrapper from a friend cos I couldn't bear to throw it away...I know, I know. Very Karang guni. Anyway, the gifts all came in different wrappers from plastic and paper bags to even old school notes!

What were inside?

Here are the naked presents. Very interesting items. :D

Introducing almost the full League with their presents:

Jasmine aka Ju Tao got a face mask. Yay, whiter face for the new year!

Brian received a whiteboard. Aiyah, the giver should have bought an old-school washboard! That would have been funny! LOL.

Jenny aka QOB who is the most power woman on earth not ranked on Forbes (yet) got a toothpaste squeezer. Hopefully it will come in handy for that annoying last bit of toothpaste.

Marcus aka Kekosaraus got funky shades with small holes! Flashing his megawatt smile and trying to hide his poker face.

Dear Daniel got himself a bottle of bird's nest. Guess what we did when we saw his present? We all asked him to check expiry date! Moohehe. Wait, how can that be within $2 budget? Simple. Apparently the giver didn't spend a single cent cos it was a gift or something.

Cherie aka originally Air Pork (some say Xiao Pang) received a bottle of foot scrub which she will probably use in one go.

Ben got a box of Ferrero Rocher which turned out to be one very expensive box of chocolates after our poker game. :p

Ryan got a nice bar of Royce chocolate. Again the giver did not spend moolah on this so it qualifies the set budget. Lucky guy, enjoy this with XPP.

Ivy Jie got bedroom slippers! This one sleeping beauty. Should have gotten pillows instead.

Here's Peishan aka Anglerfish Hushie who got a small clip light for night time reading. But seriously, night time got better things to do hor?

Jon (on the right) got a cool straw with sexy lips. LOL.

Here's this cow with a can of pineapples. Donch belittle this canned fruit. It turned out to be the "most prized" gift at the poker table. Yes, people. Believe in investment. $2 value can appreciate greatly. Don't mess with canned pineapples. ;P

Last but not least, our host, Ewan aka Carebear got a small bottle of mouthwash....yes, how very fitting. Moohaha.

A group shot for memory's sake....not as efficient as being hit by a flying shoe though.

And another one with a video with Neil, our pilot-in-training in Australia. Hang in there and see ya soon in June!

Awesome party, if you ask me. Close friends, food, drinks, old jokes and poker chips make a great combination. The League rocks.

Happy 2011 everyone!


jassy said...

Happy new year! :)

The Hungry Cow said...

Happy Moo Year to you too!!