Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can't Believe I PS Cafe-d Again

Not that I'm a regular at PS Cafe. My last experience getting a table at their Palais Renaissance branch was so off-putting....until we walked away and chose somewhere else.

Well, I went to PS Cafe just recently for Pookie's birthday. She set the venue. Anyway, it was a nice catch up with Xiao Lao Ban, Sugar Demoness and birthday girl, Pookie.

Before orders were made, there seemed to be a conspiracy amongst the 3 ladies to order smaller/lighter mains and leave space for desserts. Apparently, their previous visit resulted in too-stuffed-until-desserts-were-painful.

Still, we ordered Truffle Shoestring Fries ($15). Fried sticks of potato perfumed with truffle oil. Every cardiologist's nightmare but sedap lah. :p Fries served on a silver platter? Check. Atas skinny spuds indeed.

You think I would also go for something smaller/lighter? Ya right. The Chargrilled Cheese Burger ($28) was a sizable assembly of waygu and US chuck patty, melted gruyere and mozzarella, tomato, mesclun leaves, fried battered onions and sauteed mushrooms. All sandwiched between toasted sesame bun and served with fries. I requested for medium doneness and although a small portion of the patty was overcooked, it was still a great-tasting patty- sweet, beefy, relatively lean but tender with the minced beef just breaking away with a gentle chew. The rest of the ingredients were in harmony together...I especially like the earthy and juicy sauteed mushrooms!

Desserts were a shared affair.

Honestly, the Blackforest Profiteroles ($16) were half good....cos I was left with halve a profiterole! Moohahaha. I knew it was a bad choice leaving a plate of chocolate sin right in front of Sugar Demoness...but I don't blame her. Natural instinct at its very best.

Very really honestly, I preferred the Florida Key Lime Pie ($12). The tangy, citrusy notes with crumbly buttery cookie base refreshed the palate and was a great end to a meal.

Hail the Sugar Demoness. See her power? Don't pray pray hor. Ok, maybe I should quit Caipirinhas.

I forgot to take a photo of the entrance so I leave you instead with a shot from their rooftop bar. Happy birthday, Pookie!

PS Cafe
45 Ann Siang Road, #02-02 (entrance via Ann Siang Hill Park)
Tel: 6222 3143

Chew On This: Parents with kids take note: "We are sorry but PS.Cafe at A.S.H Park can admit Adults & Teenagers only. Families with younger children are very welcome at all other PS.Cafe locations." Not very pro-family here eh?


jassy said...

nice view from the rooftop...the burger looks really yummy but how much is that? or the price is silver, too :))

jassy said...


the price is silver :)

yixiao said...

loveee the key lime pie crust...

at the risk of sounding un-PC, i find their no kids policy acceptable.

The Hungry Cow said...

jassy: Haha. Cheap isn't a word often used to describe PS Cafe. :p Yup, nice roof top bar they have!

Yixiao: Me too! Surprisingly I found it a better ending to a meal rather than chocolate. :)

Quite a pity lah, think it'll be a nice spot for family brunches...maybe at least allow kids on the weekends?

man-bitch said...

Yixiao: I wonder if the employees or the owner have children themselves? then they/ll be more sympathetic towards parents

Hungry Cow: how about cheap foreign labour? Notice their staff