Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas @ Home

This Christmas season was pretty packed with 3 Christmas dinners and 2 weddings all within 5 days. But I just love Christmas lah! To me, it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ (and hence Christ-mas) and is also the season with the most joy and love....not to mention feasting and merry-making!

We hosted my maternal extended family at my place for dinner. When sis and I were kids, my parents did most of the cooking and cleaning up. Now as old kids, we take over most of the cooking and help with cleaning up. Tiring? Yes. But for loved ones, it's totally worth it. :)

Salad! Strawberries! Cherries! Pineapples! Melons! Cheeses! Nachos with potato wedges! Cupcakes!

Sausages with mushy peas! Onion soup! Shepherd's pie! Pork stew! Pasta with assorted veggies! Turkey! Roast beef!

This cow's family...including cow peh, cow bu and cow mui. Moohahaha.

This cow's maternal extended family. Celebrating the goodness of Jesus!

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