Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back at Yet Con for Steamboat

My previous visit to Yet Con was at Xiao Hei's suggestion and while I enjoyed the Hainanese chicken rice, pork chop etc, I was curious about their steamboat. Quite a few tables ordered it and it looked pretty tempting! Then Eunice, a reader of this blog, commented that I should go check out the steamboat.

So I did return one fine evening when Pookie wanted to meet for dinner. And we had the steamboat!

This was the portion for two people. I like the rather generous plate of veggies which is rare in Singapore. There was a good mix of everything from beef, pork, fish, squid, prawns, fishballs, pork liver to eggs. The soup stock was light and chicken-flavoured with just a few drops of shallot oil. But it gained strength and intensity as dinner progressed.

I like the beef slices (I am guessing flank) here. They were plenty (yay!), thick and tenderised just a little to give them a smoother feel. The marinate was also tasty with sesame oil and, I think, soy sauce. Simple flavours that complemented the beefy taste of the meat.

Because Pookie had not tried the chicken rice there and we were greedy hungry, we also had the chicken rice. We ordered just one person's portion of chicken to share. Nice rustic, flavourful chicken with rice flavoured with shallot oil and chicken fat.

Now I realised I missed out their seafood horfun which Ice recommended to try. Dang. Looks like another visit is on the cards. Moohehehe.

Total price for two for the steamboat, one person's portion of chicken and a bottle of Tiger was about $30. Definitely accessible and a good change from turkey season.

Yet Con
25 Purvis Street
Tel: 6337 6819
Opens: 10am-10pm daily

Chew On This: I don't eat pork liver but love drinking liver soup! So I made some by ladling hot soup into a bowl of raw liver and mashed it with my chopsticks. Let it sit for a bit and ta-da! Instant liver soup! LOL.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Makankakis Rocked Michelangelo's!

Being part of a group of foodies and winers from Makansutra forum that meet up once a month for makan, I was excited at December's dinner. The year-end makan outing usually features western cuisine (the normal monthly ones do cze char restaurants) and is an all out excuse for big wining and dining! 2010's one was no different- it was a blast!

Nearly 120 of us amassed at Michelangelo's one Wednesday evening. Bottles were popped, hands waved at friends and were shaken with warmth, cameras flashing and loud conversation flowed with convivial merry-making.

Dinner started with the Baked Portobello Mushroom Spread with Basil Pesto, Sliced Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella. The beefy, juicy portobello and creamy mozzarella certainly stirred my appetite....which is not advisable and may be dangerous. Really.

Speaking of dangerous, a waft of truffle oil assaulted (dangerous mah) my nose with the arrival of the Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup Hinted with White Truffle Oil. It was comfortingly earthy and warm. I like its consistency, being neither too thick nor watery.

The pasta dish was Tortellini with Smoked Salmon in Lobster Cream Sauce. These ang moh wantons were creamy without being cloying. The saltiness and smokiness of the smoked salmon matched the cream sauce with red pepper corns (bright, fruity and peppery!) nicely. Didn't notice the lobster though. Maybe it was a case of crouching salmon, hidden lobster? Moohahaha.

Next came the ang moh dong po rou- Confit of Pork Belly Paired with Truffle Infused Mash and Port Wine Jus. Flavourful and sweet.

Before the next dish arrived, I was already starting to feel full from a tasting before this dinner. Case of too much on one plate, literally.

But the show must go on and the Roast Rib-Eye Served Medium Rare Draped in Red Wine Sauce and Accompanied with Potato Gratin appeared. At this stage, I was happy. Very happy. So this dish was well Roast Rib-Eye Served Medium Rare Draped in Red Wine Sauce and Accompanied with Potato Gratin. Moohehe.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Coulis and Berries Topped with a Single Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream ended dinner on a sweet note.

I usually take a photo of the wines we had with dinner but I was too happy and got carried away till I forgot lah. Remembered enjoying:
- Marie Hanze NV Brut Rose Champagne ($90 from thehungrycow!)
- Chianti Riserva DOCG 2001 ($60 from thehungrycow!)
- Toro de Pedra Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere 2006 ($45 from thehungrycow!)
- Petaluma Riesling
- Smith Woodhouse Late Bottled Vintage Port 1995 ($70 from thehungrycow!)

...among others.

The staff and kitchen crew of Michelangelo's did an outstanding job, churning out food that was well executed and served hot to almost 120 hungry and rowdy enthusiastic diners. Big thanks to chef Dennis Ong, wine manager Janice who helped arrange this dinner and of course, to Eslim for organising this awesome makan session!

44 Jalan Merah Saga
Tel: 6475 9069
Opens: Daily 12noon - 2.30pm (except closed for Saturday lunch), 6pm - 10.30pm

Chew On This: Months ago we had the food bloggers' dinner here! Check out the memories. :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas @ Home

This Christmas season was pretty packed with 3 Christmas dinners and 2 weddings all within 5 days. But I just love Christmas lah! To me, it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ (and hence Christ-mas) and is also the season with the most joy and love....not to mention feasting and merry-making!

We hosted my maternal extended family at my place for dinner. When sis and I were kids, my parents did most of the cooking and cleaning up. Now as old kids, we take over most of the cooking and help with cleaning up. Tiring? Yes. But for loved ones, it's totally worth it. :)

Salad! Strawberries! Cherries! Pineapples! Melons! Cheeses! Nachos with potato wedges! Cupcakes!

Sausages with mushy peas! Onion soup! Shepherd's pie! Pork stew! Pasta with assorted veggies! Turkey! Roast beef!

This cow's family...including cow peh, cow bu and cow mui. Moohahaha.

This cow's maternal extended family. Celebrating the goodness of Jesus!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Häagen-Dazs Christmas Treats!

Ahh Christmas time. We don't get snow but do we get rain there's always ice cream. Moo-ry Christmas!

Häagen-Dazs offers a treat this Christmas!

Winter Wonderland ($15) strikes a happy tone with colourful balls of Vanilla, Mango Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet and Green Tea ice cream. Psst.. go on, take a bite of this Santa!

Four balls of ice cream no enough?

There's always the 12 Days of Christmas ($48)! This mega platter consists of 12 mini scoops of Caramel Biscuit & Cream, Cookies Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry and Macadamia Nut ice cream, along side strawberries, kiwi, banana, brownies, waffles and marshmallows. A bowl of warm molten chocolate to dunk everything in completes the fondue experience.

Silent Night ($15 for dine-in; $12 for takeaway) is a favourite Christmas carol of many but here at Häagen-Dazs, I found out it is also edible! Rich Belgium Chocolate and White Chocolate Raspberry team up for a delicious combination.

I love getting presents though I think buying presents is a headache. What to buy? Will he/she like or use it?

So a present that can be eaten and shared among friends and loved ones is indeed tempting.

The Joyous Noel ($19) is just so cute la. No need to buy gift wrapper for this. A twin ice cream treat that consists of:

"Brown present"- cookies and cream layered with Belgium chocolate.

"White present"- white chocolate raspberry layered with vanilla.

Santa's lucky to get elves like these. The Häagen-Dazs staff at Holland Village couldn't resist taking a photo with the name of festive holiday merry-making of course.

But it's funny when cows are taller than trees! Moohahaha.

Anyway, The Hungry Cow wishes one and all a Blessed Christmas!! Eat happy, stay happy! :)

Thanks to Häagen-Dazs and Sarah of Word of Mouth Communications for the invite and for hosting this hungry moo.

21 Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6468 9474

Chew On This: Win a free pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream here! Since I am quite a random cow, this giveaway is not about ice cream. Moohehe. Simply leave a comment guessing my height in metres, to 2 decimal places (eg 1.12m) and your email, before midnight of 31st Dec 2010. The closest guess wins! In the case of a tie, the online random number generator will pick the winner!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Prawn Mee Prawns: Size S-XXXL!

Most Sunday lunches are had with the parents and grandparents. I like the idea of 3 generations at the same table! We usually eat at Food Republic at Suntec City (Ok, now you know where to find me on Sunday) as it's the most convenient option near church. That way, my grandparents do not have to walk much.

But sometimes we have a "break" when folks are travelling or when the grandparents' church service is not in Suntec City. During one such Sunday, we relished the opportunity of eating out of Suntec! Moohehehe.

Having heard a lot about the prawn noodles at Cambridge Market (Pek Kio) but not having tried it, we made our way down.

I ordered Prawn Noodles Dry ($3) and was staring at the smallish prawns. Not quite the large prawns people were raving about. Then I saw the lady behind me with bigger prawns! Upon asking the auntie at the stall, I realised that because mine was $3, my prawns were also $3-sized! LOL.

Oh well. These prawns were alright but not outstanding. The noodles were mixed in a sauce with kick-ass chilli and pork lard. Pretty good.

Then I returned to the stall and ordered a $5 bowl of Prawn Beehoon Soup!

This had much bigger prawns- one big and two medium sized. The prawns were sweet and succulent! Lots of prawn head juice to suck on. ;) The soup was rich with the goodness of prawn shells/heads and satisfying.

We also got tempted and tried Siew Yok Rice and Hor Fun from two other stalls but the former was ok and the latter CMI! The prawn noodles were so much better and come back for more I will.

Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodles
Cambridge Market and Food Centre
Closed on Mondays

Chew On This:
The friendly uncle correctly guessed that it was my first visit to his stall and told me to come back for the $8 prawn noodles which featured more of the big prawns in a separate bowl. The prawn in his hand is the XXXL one! A $15 bowl comes with 3 of these prawns and free noodles and soup.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

My First Taste of Christmas 2010

I'm sure with the Orchard Road light-up, all dressed up shopping malls and the many dinner invitations by friends and family, you know it's Jingle Bells time.

My first turkey this year was a few months ago at the InterContinental Hotels Group's Media Christmas Party held at Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre.

The whole ballroom was done up nicely and decorated with Christmassy cheer. Four booths were set up representing each of the four hotels- InterContinental Hotel, Holiday Inn Atrium, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre and Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. At each booth, festive foods were showcased and each of the hotels' executive chefs were present too!

There were lots to eat but I'll just feature the more memorable/interesting items.

Tired of the usual turkey? How about try one that's inspired by the popular cze char dish- cereal prawns! The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport serves up Cereal Crusted Tom Turkey served with Glutinous rice, Sauteed Baby Thai Lettuce & Curry Leaf Flavoured Butter Sauce. The sweet, buttery cereal with curry leaves and chilli add an interesting yet familiar touch.

Then there's also the Tandoori US Tom Turkey from Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre. Marinated overnight and slow grilled, it was tender and had a pleasant smokey aroma.

And have some naan with your tandoori turkey!

Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre also offered Maine Lobster Sauteed with Fennel, Mushroom and Cream Infused with Pernod. Delicious though a tad heavy. All I need for Christmas is this and a big bowl of pasta! :p

Talking about seafood, I also like Crowne Plaza Changi Airport's Executive Chef Eric Neo's Pan Seared Scallops with Ikura and Caviar Sauce. It was simple, cooked nicely to retain a juicy bite and sweet. Inspired by this, I will do a scallop dish for my League cook-out this year. More on the cook-out later.

Holiday Inn Atrium had an interesting round disc of sticky fig jam. Being sweet and just a tad tart (with crunchy seeds!), it made for a tasty side-kick to meats like turkey, ham and roast.

InterContinental Hotel did a fabulous Pan Seared Salmon with a Basil and Pinenut Crust. The salmon flaked nicely and the basil and pinenut crust added a textural counterpoint to the salmon's tenderness.

Hohoho. Christmas is coming! I can taste it.

Thanks to IHG's team (Fiona, Tracy, Teresa, Rachel and Denise) for the invitation and for hosting this hungry cow.

InterContinental Singapore
Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre
Holiday Inn Atrium
Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Chew On This: If you're planning to book a table on Christmas/Christmas Eve/NYE, do it now as many places get booked up quickly during this festive season!

Monday, December 06, 2010

SLA Raises Funds for the Tour of Hope!

The Tour of Hope (TOH) fundraising dinner was a success!! We had a good mix of folks from the Steak Lovers Association and TOH. A big thank you to all who came, ate, drank and played a part in contributing to the fight against cervical cancer. :)

For dinner that evening, it was a specially-arranged sampler platter with a one-time self-serve at the salad bar.

Javier's salad bar reminds me very much of the good ol' Ponderosa salad bar. With yummies such as soup, garlic bread, potato salad, mesclun salad, pasta, onion rings, mashed potato, potato wedges, fruits and a reasonably good spread of veggies. I took a bit of 70% of the salad bar and ended up with a small heap. Some say this is a meal on its own. Some say this should be the Salad Lovers Association! Moohaha.

But we all know that meat makes a diet balanced. Lol. Here we had the Honey Bourbon Ribs, Roast Chicken and Roast Beef. The ribs featured tender meat smothered in a rich sauce that was sweet and savoury. The chicken (I got the thigh) was succulent while the beef was (after sprinkling some salt) tasty and quite like the version at Aston's Prime. If I had to nitpick (for the sake of feedback and improvement), the ribs could do with some smokey-ness, the chicken skin could be more crisp and the beef could be better seasoned/salted. Oh and its black pepper sauce was a tad overpowering.

On the whole, it really is very decent nosh. I like the whole salad bar with a plate of meat concept. Brings back fond memories of Ponderosa days...all that is missing is the soft-serve ice cream and baked potato!

Wines of the evening- a rose Champagne, Aussie Shiraz and a Greek dessert.

By the end of the night, $915 was raised for the TOH!! I'm really happy that a simple cosy dinner can make a difference in the lives of others. This cow is grateful to all the generous people that supported this dinner including Aston Soon(owner of Javier's), Thomas Timlen of the SLA & TOH, and all staff of Javier's.

*Group photo courtesy of Thomas Timlen

Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Chew On This:
To further support this cause, from now until 31st Dec 2010 extended till 31 Jan 2011, I am donating $20 for every bottle of Champagne Marie Hanze Rose Brut ($90) that is ordered via me. This rose Champagne is made from 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay grapes grown in the grand cru vineyards of Bouzy. It has an attractive nose of red berries with a touch of vanilla and bread. Nice acid balance and structure. Perfect as an aperitif and even on its own!

What better way to celebrate the festive season than to pop open a bubbly for a worthy cause! For orders, please drop me an email ( or a comment. Cheers!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Tour of Hope Simple Fundraising Dinner

Hope is a powerful thing. It gives one courage and strength for the present, and optimism for the future.

It is with great pleasure that I get to participate in giving back to society. The Tour of Hope (TOH) is a non-profit initiative of a group of like-minded people of various background who set-up bicycle tours in order to increase the awareness and raise funds for health prevention and education projects benefiting resource limited communities.

In short, TOH gives hope to women and the lives of people around them.

This year, they recently completed a 660km cycling expedition to Thailand to raise funds for educational and healthcare support for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer. Even with a vaccine and treatment available, not many women in the rural parts of Thailand can afford it. TOH helps them.

To give these TOH bikers a well-deserved post-tour treat and personally contribute to this cause, The Hungry Cow and Aston's newest baby, Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar, are putting together a simple fundraising dinner for TOH.

Date: 7 Dec 2010 (Today!)
Time: 7pm
Venue: Javier's Rotisserie & Salad Bar (#B1-03/04/05, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard)
Menu: A special sampler of Roast Chicken, Roast Beef and Honey Bourbon Ribs + one-time self-serve at the Salad Bar + Coffee/Tea/Soft drinks
Cost: $88/person (with a glass each of Champagne, red and dessert wines)
$70/person (without wines)

For every diner that attends this dinner, $50 from the dining cost goes to TOH! :)

So while the heroes do the more grueling part, you can contribute by just signing up and eating! No sore bums.

This is open to anyone with a heart and wants to contribute to the fight against cervical cancer. Drop me an email at to join us for tonight's casual fundraising dinner! Cheers to the women in our lives.