Monday, November 29, 2010

YES 93.3FM's 美食鉴定团 @ JooJoo!

Here's the season finale of YES 93.3FM's 美食鉴定团! Was busy and so didn't manage to get this out earlier but nonetheless, it was delicious memories.

A plate of vegetable crudites started the nomnomnom. The Korean soy bean dipping sauce was sweet and savoury. A little like chee cheong fun sauce.

Next came the JooJoo Miso Egg Soup ($3.90). Served either hot or chilled, I picked the former. This was an excellent starter- all the goodness of soft-boiled eggs in a little miso broth with seaweed, sesame seeds, spring onions and cracked black pepper.

Essentially a kushiyaki place, JooJoo did some very good grilled items.

The Chicken Thigh with Tare ($3.90) had succulent pieces of chicken thigh in a slightly sweet and smokey sauce. Polishing off the whole plate was no problem. But no, this cow is well-mannered.

The Pork Belly with Cherry Tomatoes with Sea Salt ($4.90) was equally scrumptious. Biting into the grilled cherry tomatoes resulted in their warm, sweet juices spurting out and coating the grilled pork belly with some love. The natural acidity of the tomatoes also balanced the fatty pork belly nicely.

As is the SOP in 美食鉴定团, we break-ed for a short bit so that the DJs can record everyone's comments. Must do work hor! Moohaha.

Ok, back to the grilled items.

Scallops with Garlic Butter Dressing ($5.90) were juicy and lightly flavoured with the garlic butter. Nothing too overpowering. The natural sweetness of the scallops still hold their own.

Like what most say about Japanese sausages, the ones ($5.90) here are also small and cute. Very tasty (garlic? paprika?) and with snappy skin, these made this cow beam.

Grilled Beef Tendon ($5.90) featured a gummy texture and was a little spicy. Oh I can imagine these with a big bowl of beef noodles or dry ramen!

JooJoo's Grilled Salmon Head ($10.90) was perhaps one of the best salmon heads I have eaten. There was quite a bit of flesh at the back and it was very smooth...almost silky. This head was grilled perfectly (not overly cooked) with just sea salt and tasted very fresh. Two hooves up!

For a bit of starch, try the Rice with Cha-Siu & Egg ($3.90). SSS- Sticky, sweet and savoury.

Dessert came in the form of Mooshi Cream Puff ($3.90). A nice, surprisingly light ending to our final makan stop of this season's YES 93.3FM's 美食鉴定团.

I like the food with their simple yet tasty flavours here at JooJoo though they would probably be better for lunch or a snack with a beer or two rather than a full dinner.

The bunch of us including selected YES 93.3FM listeners, DJs Jiafa & Weibin, and JooJoo's Lyn. Yeah! Another successful 美食鉴定团!

Thanks to 93.3FM DJs Jiafa and Weibin for having this cow as part of 美食鉴定团, and Lyn and staff of JooJoo for hosting us. It has been a pleasure and I can't wait for the next season!

131 East Coast Road (Junction of Joo Chiat Road)
Tel: 6346 7604
Opens: 12noon-3pm; 6pm-10pm

Chew On This: JooJoo is from the same people behind Awfully Chocolate! With Awfully Chocolate as its neighbour, feel free to pop over for a spot of ice cream, cake or chocolate truffle after JooJoo's very good grilled nosh.

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